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    Many informed that grounding cable give positive effect for your engine performance. But, how many among of us knows the effectiveness by using this gadget. Installing a grounding kit is a safe and reliable way of creating a low resistance ground path for your car. The kit provides direct ground paths from battery negative to body, chassis, and specific engine components to give a noticeable improvement in electrical circulation. Reduced electrical “noise” can improve ECU signals and throttle response resulting in better performance and reduction in flat spots, and many more benefits associated with improved grounding.

    Price range : RM 50- RM 180


    -Easier engine starting

    -Smoother engine, due to better ignition leads to improve fuel consumption

    -Improved power (in most of the case, gain back the lost power due to insufficient/inefficient stock grounding)

    -Improved engine response (due to fewer loads on the alternator after improving the charging efficiency)

    -Improved audio quality (clearer pitch and more solid bass)

    -Brighter and more stable head light intensity

    -More efficient air conditioning

    -Miscellaneous electrical improvements on the gauges, sensors etc.

    Therefore, any of you feel the differences when transferring into this grounding cable. Share with us any feedback, opinion and your suggestion on what brand is reliable out there in the market.

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