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    According to highly reliable source from Pitpass, F1’s powers that be are seriously considering a switch to 1.5 liter powerplants in 2013 with the return of turbochargers..Read the full news from Autoblog below.


    It’s been 21 years since a turbocharger found its way onto a Formula One racer. In 1989, the FIA banned forced-induction due to the ridiculous power and speed they were generating. For better or worse, things haven’t been the same since, but if a report from Pitpass  is to be believed, we may see the reign of the turbo return once again.

    The site is claiming that the FIA is seriously considering bringing a new turbocharged 1.5-liter engine to F1, but don’t expect to see early ’80s power from these machines. The four-cylinder engine is being considered for one reason alone – to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

    So we won’t see over 1,000 horsepower from the 2011 grid, but to make up for the dip in grunt, Pitpass says the FIA is also considering allowing KERS to return. While we’re sure the sanctioning body is keen to get the eco-minded off its back, odds are the FIA wouldn’t mind spicing up the racing a bit, either. While we were promised heart-stopping action from the 2010 season, so far the racing has been much of the same.

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