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    When you should check your engine oil physically? Some cars fitted with engine oil level indicator like picture above bug most of them only available on high end cars and continental ride such as Audi and BMW.

    For most local cars like Proton and Perodua, they only have low oil level warning on the dashboard speedometer instrument cluster panel.

    So to check the exact level, you need to open the front hood and take out the yellow dipstick during engine cooled down or not operated. There is Full and Low mark on the bottom of the dipstick.

    If you found it within half to full, it is ok but below half you may need to topup your engine oil.

    When to check the engine oil?

    1. Every month is a good practice
    2. Before you start your long journey
    3. After long time you did not use your car
    4. When there is any trace of oil leak inside the engine and below engine bay on the floor
    5. When you feel there is any abnormal feel on the engine performance and rough sound coming from engine bay

    How many km mileage should you change your engine oil?

    1. 5000km if using mineral oil
    2. 7000km semi synthetic
    3. 10000km fully synthetic
    4. 15000km according to some manufacturer specification (normally for continental cars)

    Dont go later than 100km of suggested oil change. Some cars consumed oil up to 1 liter per 1000km especially on an old car tech like mazda rx8 rotary engine and some audi cars before 2012 model. So you need to monitor the indication and physically

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