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  • LEXUS RC 200T

    Copen Roadster, Daihatsu Roadster just facelift. Besides facelift also issued type S Ultimate Edition with sporty front grille, 15 inch alloy wheels Momo streering and handle the transmission of Momo, well-made leather upholstery with a layer of RECARO.

    Roadster have new 660cc turbocharged engine, claim can deliver 64 horse power and 110Nm at 6.000rpm on 3.200rpm mixing with matic transmission or 4 speed , 5 speed manual.

    The purpose of setting the stone laying ceremony by Mercedes-Benz AMG E-cell SLS offers several outstanding features: a strong adhesive friction is allowed along the four synchronous drive electric cars in the output collected from Acme 392 kW and 880 Nm of maximum torque. Four bundles of electric car motors each achieve the best level of 12 000 rev / rpm.

    Because the answer, compared with wheel-hub motors a short amount of unsprung batch. Matchless per airborne transmission as power.hen who comes to dynamics, electric-powered Mercedes-Benz AMG E-Cell SLS make a statement: that accelerates from zero to gullwing example 100 km / h in four seconds

    The SLS AMG Mercedes-Benz E-cell combines high voltage drive cooling liquid lithium-ion batteriesstandard design boasting an article on 48 kWh of energy and capacity of 40 Ah. Best electric load level electric potential of the battery, which consists of 324 lithium-ion polymer cells, is 480 kW, which is the absolute best value in the automotive sector.

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