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    Finding a super car, rare car and luxury car on Dubai’s road is not that hard. They are anywhere and can be seen in few minutes time interval if you walk on the road side. This is due to the price of car in Dubai UAE is extremely cheap and there are a lot of rich guys living in Dubai UAE. The price of 2nd hand car also very cheap. For example, you can get an Audi TT 3.2 Quattro 2009 at only AED 90,000 Dirham which is about less than RM85,000 ringgit only! For new cars, most of it has half price compare to new cars in our country. If I am not mistaken, the cheap car price is due to no tax applied by their government. A new Mistubishi Lancer EX cost only AED60,000.


    BMW 5 series as police patrol car? Wow..

     Chevy SUV police car in Dubai


     Most of Dubai people prefer big cars. Hummer is one of the favourite SUV and can be found easily anywhere.

     Porsche, VW..

     Bently Luxury sports car

     Ferrari 458 Italia on the road. A lot of super car there. Toyota, Kia and Hyundai are the common cheap cars available in Dubai.

     Range Rover

     Car park at Burj Khalifa Dubai : Porsche, Ferrari, BMW X6

     Nice modified Porsche convertible in matte black finishing

     Range Rover Evoque. Newly launched car easily enters UAE market and can be found anywhere people using it.

     Emarat petrol station. One of petrol company available in UAE. The price of Fuel in Dubai for RON95 is around AED1.92 per litre which is a bit less than our RON95 price.

     Cars in Dubai.. There are a lot of taxis, SUV and sports car.

     Vallet parking in one of Dubai’s Shopping Complex in Jumeirah beach. Hummer, Porsche, VW.

     I have a chance to go to “At The Top” of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world currently. This is the view from 124th floor. We can see their well built road system with 12 lane (6 lane aside) on their highway.

     The 12 lane road, with the Dubai skyline view..

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