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    Early August this year, we have heard the news that Bristol Cars new owners, Kamkorp Autokraft, part of the Fraser-Nash group plan to use a system they have developed with Proton, owners of Lotus, to produce a new Bristol capable of 200mph and the equivalent of 100mpg.They are set to return with a four wheel drive range extender EV.

    Bristol cars rendering – Image credit to British design student Amarpreet Gill, who has created a model of how such a car could look.[Picture from gmotors.co.uk]

    The as yet unnames new car will get separate twin motor electric powetrains on each axle,  making the car four wheel drive,.  The 14kW/h battery pack will be charged from the mains, via brake regeneration or by a petrol Wankel engine which works exclusively as a generatorm poerting thr batteries — it will never power the wheels directly. 

    Frazer Nash is reporting the new car will lunch in 2013.

    For your information, Frazer Nash Research has provided their Extended Range Electric Powertrain to Proton’s class winning Exora at the 2010 RAC Future Car Challenge.In that event, organised by the Royal Automobile Club for eco-friendly cars, 64 cars including Proton’s Saga Electric and Exora Extended Range EV took part to demonstrate the use of the lowest amount of energy possible.

    The rally started from Madeira Drive on the East Sussex’ seafront and arrived in central London at 8am, with the Exora arriving at 12.10pm London time.

    Exora’s driver, software engineer Steve Riches who received the award, said the drive was very smooth and comfortable while co-driver, Rozadatul Intan Safrina Che Rus, a component and commissioning engineer with the green technology department, said all the hard work and working as a team with Frazer Nash and other departments had paid off.

    Driver of the Saga, Norman Siddique, an engineer with Frazer Nash who designed the battery management’s system for the vehice said they had a lot of advantage over other cars participating in the event

    Image credit to British design student Amarpreet Gill, who has created a model of how such a car could look.

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