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    A1 Team Malaysia

    A1 Team Malaysia at Algarve, Portugal

    A1 Team Malaysia get the top of unofficial Asia Pacific points standings.We hope that they will improve and can get the best result in the remaining races. Read the detail news from Bernama below:


    With two rounds of the 16 races remaining in the 2008/09 A1GP World Cup Motorsport season, A1 Team Malaysia is riding high in the championship overall standings, clinching the sixth place out of the 21 nations but on top among the eight Asia Pacific-based teams.

    Although the New Zealand Team normally took top honours in the unofficial Asia Pacific points standings, A1 Team Malaysia has taken over the position standings.

    Nevertheless, New Zealand is only seven points adrift of Malaysia, and the fight is set to go to the wire.

    A1 Team Malaysia Chief Executive, Jack Cunningham, said of the inter-nation rivalry: “We know that there is no official Asia Pacific points table, but naturally we’re always keen to be tops in our region. It’s particularly satisfying to be above New Zealand in the standings as they have beaten us every season so far.

    “With four races still to come, it is not a foregone conclusion that we’ll stay above our close rivals, but we’ll give it our best shot,” he said in a statement today.

    In the current overall points standings, three distinct groups are at the top. Three teams are in the running for the A1GP title, namely Switzerland, Ireland and Portugal who are separated by only six points.

    Netherlands, lying fourth, has an outside chance of title honours while France, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia are battling for fifth place in the 2008/09 Series.

    “We’re in quite a vulnerable position in the overall standings. Although with a clutch of points in the last two events, we could overhaul France, who are ahead of us by three points, we also have New Zealand seven points behind and Australia 13 points adrift of us.

    “I don’t think we’re able to predict the outcome of this battle, but one thing is certain – it will be very exciting,” he said.

    A1 Team Malaysia returns home from the Algarve, Portugal, event that was held at the weekend, where the team celebrated its third podium finish in the Feature race after finishing eighth in the morning Sprint race.

    Unofficial Current Standings Of The Eight Asia Pacific Nations:

    1. Malaysia 43 points

    2. New Zealand 36

    3. Australia 30

    4. India 11

    5. China 7

    6. S.Korea 4

    7. Indonesia 3

    8. Pakistan 0

    Season 2008/09 Overall Standings After the 12th of the 16th races:

    1. Switzerland 88 points

    2. Ireland 86

    3. Portugal 82

    4. Netherlands 66

    5. France 46

    6. Malaysia 43

    7. New Zealand 36

    8. Australia 30

    9. Monaco 27

    10. G.Britain 24

    11. USA 19

    12. S. Africa 19

    13. Brazil 18

    14. Italy 15

    15. India 11

    16. Mexico 8

    17. Lebanon 8

    18. China 7

    19. S.Korea 4

    20. Indonesia 3

    21. Germany 2

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