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    A dropped down or sometimes called as slammed look is a type of modification where the car will be lowered as maximum a possible. At first glance the car may look as if it resting on the ground. But on a detail looks, we can notice there is still at least one or two inch gap between the body and the road surface. Although its quite famous in foreign country, its not a favourite in Malaysia. I’ve only seen few drift cars that have the similar looks.


    As featured in the article today is a gorgeous looking slammed down Honda Odyssey. Its not the MPV that makes it interesting. But the fact that the Odyssey have the BMW looks that makes it interesting. A custom made bumper perhaps? Not at all. The bumper is the actual bumper from a  E92 BMW 3 Series Coupe. Somehow, the designer managed to fit in both the front and rear bumper on the mpv and the best part, it does fit nicely with the MPV.


    We dont have much official information on the modification.  The wheels fitted is aWORK Gnosis GS1. But judging by the looks, it must have been at least 20 inches. Inside those wheels is an upgraded brakes system with a cross drilled rotor and a orange painted caliper.


    If you are still guessing how do the owner drive the MPV daily with virtually zero  ground clearance, it doesnt have to be like this all the time. As many others slammed cars are, the mpv is fitted with an pneumatically controlled suspension. The suspension height can be adjusted to suit the needs of the owner. It is only during events or photo shoots where the owner will dropped down the car.


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