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    Porsche brings on the all-new version of its open top two seater Boxster with a bang. The Porsche Boxster 2013 features a new lightweight body, a revamped chasis with longer wheelbase and wider track and larger wheels to enhance the driving dynamics.


     The open-top two-seater car is being marketed with a completely new lightweight body and a completely revamped chassis. Considerably lower weight, longer wheelbase, a wider track and larger wheels significantly enhance yet further the mid-engine sports car’s driving dynamics, already far and away the best in its class, supported by the new electro-mechanical power steering. The new Boxsters boast superior performance and are also up to 15 per cent more fuel-efficient. Depending on model, they get by with significantly less than eight litres of fuel per 100 kilometres.

     The new Boxster thus delivers what the fundamentally changed styling with shorter overhangs, significantly forward-shifted windscreen, flatter silhouette and expressive edges promises. The passengers are enclosed by the completely redesigned, fully electric hood, which now dispenses with a convertible top compartment lid. The interior concept offers the occupants more space and reflects the new Porsche outline with the raked centre console, which, originating with the Carrera GT, ensures further improved ergonomics in all models.

    To enhance driving dynamics yet further, Porsche offers the Sport Chrono Package as an optional extra for the Boxster, featuring dynamic transmission mounts for the first time. Also new in the Boxster is Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) with mechanical rear axle differential lock.

     The new sports car generation makes its debut in the classic Porsche pairing of Boxster and Boxster S. Both models are powered by flat-six engines with direct petrol injection, the efficiency of which is further enhanced by electrical system recuperation, thermal management and start/stop function.

    For the 2012, SEAT offers the Ibiza with a sporty character and passionate design for the youth. The Ibiza is one of the best-selling models in its segment across Europe over 500,000 people so far have opted for one of the sporty, compact models from the Spanish brand. And the average age of Ibiza buyers is the youngest among in its market category. Design has long been one of the Ibiza’s foremost strengths named as the most important reason for purchase by customers.

    2012 SEAT IBIZA

     The new line-up offers enormous breadth to meet every individual demand from the compact and sporty three-door Ibiza SC, to the dynamic and universal five-door Ibiza, to the elegantly practical Ibiza ST estate car from the extremely efficient Ibiza E-Ecomotive with 89 grams of CO2/km to the exceptionally sporty Ibiza FR with 110 kW (150 hp). There are two strengths in particular that are common to all versions a very high standard of quality and outstanding value for money.

     Beneath its expressive design, the new Ibiza offers an impressive array of innovative technologies. The latest-generation state of the art TDI and TSI power units, the DSG transmissions and the start/stop system combine dynamics with exceptional efficiency and guarantee SEAT’s signature driving fun.

     A further example is the Portable Media System with touchscreen monitor. It will combine the functions of a navigation system, on-board computer, audio system and hands-free device. While it is fully integrated into the Ibiza’s on-board electronics, it is also removable for use on the go. The introduction of SEAT’s Portable Media System will come later in 2012.

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