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    Apabila Nissan mengeluarkan Nismo Juke yang baru, ia juga mengumumkan bahawa ia adalah hanya sebahagian kecil daripada bilangan untuk barisan Nismo baru. Peminat Nissan telah melihat GT-R Nismo dan beberapa barisan kereta konsep Nismo. Konsep ini telah menjadi paparan di sebelah GT-R Nismo di 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, dan pasti peminat Nissan berharap agar model konsep ini akan dikeluarkan kelak.

    Berikut adalah Nissan Sentra NISMO specification di http://kereta.info :

    PRICE – Harga pasaran luar Nissan Sentra NISMO : –
    Engine specification : 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine
    Horsepower @ RPM = 240
    Torque @ RPM = 248
    0-100 KMH = 6.2 seconds
    Top speed KMH = 249
    FC Fuel consumption km/l = –
    Dimension length width height mm = –

    Nissan Sentra NISMO additional features / review / news :


    Just like with pretty much every other Nismo vehicle, the new Sentra Concept features a cool aerodynamic kit that includes a deep front fascia with lower LED lights, a wide lower front spoiler and wide lower grille. The side feature over-sized fender flares and integrated side sills. On the rear the concept gets a deep-skirted rear fascia accentuated by large dual exhaust tips. The aerodynamic features are further enhanced by a rear spoiler inspired by the one found in the 370Z.


    The concept feature a paint scheme similar to the GT-R Nismo, as the body is painted Bright Pearl White and includes a carbon-fiber diagonal pattern found on the side-view mirror caps, a front splitter and a rear diffuser. Red accents on the front spoiler, side mirrors and side sills, and the “O” on the “Nismo” badges let drivers know that this isn’t your typical Sentra.

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