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    Miami is not only known for its people that are hot but it is also making a scene in the field of supercars. Numerous one of a kind and costly supercars can be observed populating the Miami area. A well-known manufacturer of cars in Miami, the Miami GT is gathering all skills and engineering knowledge on supercars to make a head turner car that is unique and custom-build.

    The 2012 Miami GT is expected get the attention of people who are enjoy supercars. Miami GT’s aim is to fill the heart of their customers with great satisfaction. Surely, the client will be pleased with the car because it can easily be personalized according to the liking of the client.

    The Miami GT is powered by either of these two engines: an engine from the year 1991-1996 that has four-cylinder turbocharged 2.0-liter inline Toyota MR2 3SGT-E engine or the Acura RSX K202.0-liter engine taken from the car models in the year 2002-2006. Any of these engines can deliver a power output of 200 hp to a maximum of 500 hp. When mated to a transmission that is trans-axle and has five-speed, a maximum torque of 200 lb-ft to 250 lb-ft can be produced. The V6 version of Acura or Honda engine is still under advanced fabrication.

    This Miami GT is a supercar that has a frame made of carbon steel and the combination of Kevlar, fiber glass, and carbon that were all made from Miami Florida. It has an eight-point roll cage and a frame that has a steel space which is tubular and with a chassis panels made of steel. This supercar has the basic element that a car should have and its overall appearance depends on how the buyer customizes it. But in general, it has a windscreen in front, a glass for the rear and side, an assembly of the signals for the side, rear, and front turn, projector head lamps and the rear light for stopping and when reversing.

    The fuel tank and the exhaust system are customized. This supercar also have the brake, Tilton clutch, an assembly for the gas pedal, coolant system parts, brake fittings and lines, a harness for the electrical wiring of the chassis, and a carpeted interior. The buyer has the freedom to choose the color of the car and to pick the type of the wheels. Also, the design of the seatbelt and type of seats can be personalized. And the part of the vehicle that you frequently use, the steering wheel can also be custom-made.

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