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    For its 42nd appearance at the Geneva International Motor Show, Italdesign Giugiaro makes the world premiere of a functional, hybrid, four-seat prototype developed on a mechanics of the Volkswagen Group. Capable of reaching 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds, with a maximum speed of 275 km/h without compromising on-board comfort or space, and inspired by technological innovation, the name of the car, Brivido.


    Aluminium, carbon fibre, and glass are the materials that define the Brivido’s exterior. The lines of the body, painted in Xirallic pearl lustre red, are sinuous and aerodynamic and accentuate the sporty, elegant character of this latest Gran Turismo from Giugiaro. The windscreen, roof, rear window, and large door windows form a glass dome that lets natural light pour into the passenger compartment. There the occupants are surrounded by an exclusive level of finish and high-technology, whilst they enjoy the surrounding scenery and urban landscapes as they travel.

    The side view is dominated by the specially designed single door which uses glass as a genuine structural element This allows all occupants to access the passenger compartment at the same time. The waistline hugs the curve of the wheel arch and is interrupted by the door’s side window, which in turn continues below the waistline to significantly increase the transparent surface. As on the Structura prototype, this feature offers the driver increased visibility when manoeuvring as she or he can easily see the pavement to the side of the car. At the same time this allows the rear occupants to enjoy great outside visibility. To facilitate window-down interactions such as toll payments, a small portion of the glass can be lowered electronically while the rest remains fixed.

    Visibility is also a watchword on the outside of the passenger compartment as the Brivido showcases real innovation in exterior lighting. Thanks to LED technology, the headlight clusters are not only functional, but also represent a never before seen stylistic feature. Extending 2600 mm from the front bonnet, each cluster hugs the sinuous lines of the body and finishes midway along the side panel, at the height of the side door. These clusters thus also act as both sidelights and direction indicators.

    The tail end, also in carbon fibre, flaunts two diagonal friezes that diverge from the centre and continue along the body, housing the rear light clusters, the brake lights, the indicators, and the rear fog lights. As well as the rear windscreen, which offers access to the titanium fibre covered luggage compartment, there is a small spoiler that is activated electronically at high speeds to ensure optimum road grip. Finally, the large side exhausts frame the race-inspired flow deviator.

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