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  • 2011 PEUGEOT ION + 2011 ARIEL ATOM V8

    2011 PEUGEOT iON

    Peugeot Ion fomite rear wheel is where the electric car motors and single-case reduction gear ratio reduction ahead of re-formed. Peugeot ion is equipt to attack a new generation of Lithium-ion batteries and battery energy storage capability advantageously on the excessiveness of Cd battery honest-to-god Ni used in the 1990s (three times more energy per kg, or double because both deal with the building blocks in throughout the volume). While lending itself to the quiet driving, Peugeot does not lack in the case of ions and the carrying into action.

    Because long for asking clear, valid by uncommitted gas pedal at the same time to relieve crowded fast torque, accelerating additive. Receive 3.5 seconds to go from 30km / h to 60km / h (compared to 3.9 seconds in the third in the 207 1.6 liter THP) is evidence of this. Peugeot ion is given by a three-phase motor 330-V alternating current (AC) of the inverter is equipped with 330 V direct current (DC) from the main battery. Inverters baffle electric current, the absolute frequency and potential are agreeing to the electric gas pedal position. Controlled response when the accelerator is configured adjured back numbers to ensure a good distribution capabilities as asked.The inverters, motors and gears allow reduction of electric potential to accelerate the ambit 0-130 kph.

    2011 ARIEL ATOM V8

    To include constitutionally restricted by nearly 25 variants of the V8 cars built on the success Atom public aspirated and supercharged Honda engine, which is imposed on the output of the V8 aboard. Every car and left a number of individual machines and bequeath V8 blood cells consisted built to accommodate the buyer requests a case-by case basis as the influence of certain valid, whether road, track or race.

    Flat plane crank, forged pistons, mountain chain that aims for budget items bivalent River Cam with 4 valves per cylinder and revving up to 10 500 rpm, and engine spec aluminum alloy completely accept all of the drivers. Cesspit dry lubrication, 8 throttle body fuel injection system with a row and ceramic-coated unstained beat all parts of the specifications and standards, ascribable properties of bundles by the machine, very suitable for machine installation Atom niche. each machine is individually Michelle, blessed off and the number that matches the action with the automatic. Although produced about twice the power by the general interest of blood cells, the rear of the engine assembly and adjust numbers as drivability. Ariel knowledge and close relationship with their buyer’s agent that they have a deep understanding of the demands on the car and no shortage of buyers just what they have done Sadev ask.Drive a sequential 6 speed gearbox races easily adaptable bounded derivative gearsets voted dock and individual customers

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