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    Daihatsu, Toyota’s Kei car division unveiled the all-new Daihatsu D-X Concept at the Tokyo Auto Show. The new D-X has the styling cues of an SUV even though it has seating capacity of only two passengers. Like all Kei cars, the Daihatsu D-X Concept is fitted with a 660cc engine, in this case a turbocharged or direct injected gasoline powered two-cylinder that cranks out about 60-65 horsepower which gets sent to the front wheels.


    An interesting exercise in possibility thinking, the Daihatsu D-X Concept was designed to let the owner explore a range of creative packaging choices. The D-X pronounced D-Cross Concept is a “Kei-sized” microcar fitted with swappable plastic-composite body panels that allow it to be configured as anything from the two-seat roadster that appeared on the floor in Tokyo to a mini wagon, racing-style barchetta or a closed coupe.

    Daihatsu’s current Kei car, the Copen, is about to be mustered out of production; and rumor has it that a production-spec variation of the D-X Concept will turn up within the next year to take its place. Transformers-inspired vehicle that can take the shape of a number of vehicles, including a convertible, a roadster, a sporty van, and even a race car. Talk about taking versatility to a whole new level.

    The D-X has a base look that can be shifted in a variety of different ways to suit the driver’s preference. Under its hood, the concept runs on a two-cylinder engine that comes with direct injection and turbocharging technology. The words ’turbocharging’ and ’Daihatsu’ are about as likely to be put on the same sentence as Pintos and Ferraris, but the mere fact that it is actually speaks volumes to the strides Daihatsu is making in turning a new leaf for their company.



    Twizy, developed by Renault, is an amazing vehicle that combines the best of the car and the bicycle. It has all the agility and ease of a two-wheeler but boasts the safety, comfort and practicality of a four-wheeler. 100% electric and so 0% polluting, Twizy is the ideal solution for short urban trips.

    The full-electric Renault Twizy is a true automotive art work and also a concentrate of innovation. The vehicle’s tubular chassis and plastic body make it an authentic UDO, or “Unidentified Driving Object”, worthy of the best science fiction films. With the acceleration of a 125 cc scooter, Twizy is a little racer with a velvet touch. It is completely silent and can be parked anywhere, even perpendicular to the sidewalk. Safety-wise it is equipped as standard with a driver’s airbag, four-point seatbelts in the front and three-point belts in the back.

    In open and semi-closed version alike, Twizy keeps you in touch with the outside world. And desperate searches for gas stations are over, as Twizy can be charged on a regular socket at home, in your parking space and in parking lots. It takes just three and a half hours for a full charge, bringing you 115 km range, more than enough for urban use.

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