why engine overheat the factors sebab enjin panas

Sometimes, we have experienced car engine overheating especially in a hot climate in Malaysia, if you over rev your car too much, your car temperature getting higher easily. There are also some other factors which are technically about why your car engine overheat and we will discuss it here for you.

Read all the simple tips of the cause of engine overheating from us below:

There are many different reasons that can cause an engine overheat, but they all have in common three aspects. The three aspects which all engine overheat factors have in common are that they cause that the heating system can not get rid of heat, they cause a loss of coolant or they directly cause too much heat in the engine.

One first problem which might be the cause of an engine overheat is a problem with the radiator cap and the pressure it holds. If the radiator cap does not hold pressure correctly then coolant could boil and therefore the engine would overheat. Another reason might be caused by thermostat failures; it is recommendable that you check it.

The car engine might also overheat due to coolant leaks such as those from the radiator, the hoses, the water pump, the freeze plugs or any others. Also, problems in the water pump could be the cause and therefore you should check it and replace it in case it is needed.

why engine overheat the factors sebab enjin panas3

Some other reasons by which the car engine could overheat are problems in the exhaust system which you can discover by checking vacuum readings, pipes and converter. Besides, you should also make sure that the radiator hose has not collapsed and the ignition timing is working properly.

You should also check the electric cooling fan by making sure that the fan motor, the relay and temperature are correct or otherwise it could cause the engine to overheat. Besides this, you should also check the radiator in case there are any debris in it as well as you should check its hose in case it has collapsed.

If you do not find why your engine does overheat, you should ask a mechanic or an expert for advice. You should not try to fix this if you do not have the proper tools and general car knowledge necessary for it.


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11 Responses

  1. Niemans says:

    There is another possibility of engine overheat that is not stated: you have a serious $H!7 blown head gasket.

    Now if you have the budget there is a number of after market items you can add:

    1. A bigger radiator; aluminium radiator
    2. A better coolant: that brand that uses pure RO water as mixer!
    3. Oil cooler kit
    4. Boron nitrate thermal spray
    5. Better/quality window film. A better tint=less overworked comp0ressor=less engine load=less likely overheat!

    Finally nothing beats regular maintenance of your car as per specified by your car manual. AND regular SELF inspection such as coolant level, lubricant level, check hoses rigidity, fans working conditions etc, etc which WILL PREVENT costly repairs.

  2. abdul mutallib says:

    askom….sy ader pakai alfa romeo 155….masalah kete sy nie temperature naik……..da p cuci radiator…tp ok kejap jer…..lepas 2 meragam balik…sy rase kete sy niemasalah water pump….agak2 berapeharga water pump 2??….klu bleh nk tukar skali radiator skali….harap sudi memberi bantuan..

  3. Eder says:

    kbnykn kete overheating sbb x jage air…..
    main sumbat je air paip….
    cepat je karat membiak…..

  4. nazrah says:

    eder…………. minat ek kdi nie…

  5. Eder says:

    minat gak…..
    bnyk informasi yg b’guna….
    car n me x dpt dipisahkan..huhu

  6. kdi says:

    Ehem2. Kdi pon minat gak =p hak2!
    kdi agi minat kat korang yang setia membaca kdi n jadi family kdi ari2 kat sini.. mekaseh.. =)

  7. Eder says:

    1 blog tuk sumer kete…..

  8. Norman says:

    Untuk radiator,Gua campur air masak dan coolant ok tak?

  9. mel says:

    aku ade dengar lg elok pakai air RO botol
    susah sket karat sebab tade bendasing
    kalo air paip ade mcm2 garam mineral la ape2 la so boleh tlg pengaratan

  10. nazrah says:

    nazrah tak tau menahu pasal enjin….
    tau bawak je…
    nak isi air pun takut2…………
    tapi nazrah 2 week je gi servis.. coz my ofis jauh ngan umah…

  11. Eder says:

    pakai je air bateri…….
    kn e2 air suling……….
    ak pkai air dh b’tapis + coolant toyota….karat2 x de r m’biak….ok je radiator….
    setahun x check air….
    nk jln jauh check gak….
    klau check pon air still x surut2….

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