Every  fuel injection car runs with an ecu to control every operation of the engine.This include controlling the duty cyle of the injector(how long the injector is on , means amount of fuel injected), ignition timing, camshaft profile, and few other. The ecu variable input such as rpm,manifold pressure or the mass air flow.

Basically the rpm and the amount of air available will be used by the ecu to calculate the correct amount of fuel to be injected.

The E-MANAGE BLUE is a piggy back ecu. It is not an ecu but it is design to manipulate the ecu input to vary the amount of fuel injected,ignition timing and few other functions.

The primary function of a piggyback controller is to adjust the fuel to be injected.

ECU will inject the fuel according to the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) or Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF). When e-manage is installed the output of the MAP or MAF will be supplied to the E-manage.In the E-manage, user can set their own airflow adjustment mapping. So the e-manage will refer to the map the and give the signal to the ecu. So instead of ecu getting input from maf or map, it will receive it from the unit. So the ecu will give the signal to the injector to inject that certain amount of fuel.


Air & Fuel Control
For larger mass air flow meter or throttle bodies, you can adjust the input signal±20% to correspond with the correct proportional amount of fuel delivery
Fuel delivery can be adjusted  at 5 different RPM points for use with larger injector
Auto idle correction to prevent engine stalling
Fuel/boost cut controller included to allow maximum horsepower from the turbo and prevent lean run at top RPM’s
Optional boost sensor & harness allows for fore more refined turbo interaction & control
E-Manage can control up to 2 additional injectors that can be activated by RPM or Boost pressure(optional harness required)



Ignition Timing Control

With the optional harness, you are able to control ignition timing for high boost conditions



Vtec Control
Adjustable vtec control fo RPM’s, engine speeds, hold between gear shifting
Unlimited VTEC adjustment
For vehicles with a vtec engine swaps, the E-Manage can be used to activate vtec for a non vtec ecu

Monitoring Functions

Unmatched fuel control, richen or lean by 10% out of the fuel mixture when vtec engages
Data logging and display through E-01 or windows laptop
Map tracing of fuel, air flow,RPM’s and vtec operation



In a nutshell, you can use your e-manage to increase the amount of fuel injected to cater for modification that you had done or you can use the unit to reduce the amount of fuel injected to reduce your fuel consumption. And the best thing is if you know how to tune the car, you can tune it using your laptop with the use of a wideband o2 sensor.However it is VERY RECOMMENDED to send to a reputable tuner to tune it for you on a dyno machine




E-MANAGE BLUE unit RM800-1000
Ignition harness RM180
Injector harness RM200
Boost sensor RM 350
PC cable RM180
Installation of E-Manage RM80-RM150
Tuning of E-manage on dyno RM250


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9 Responses

  1. steven says:

    hellooo im just wan to ask 1 question can i use e manage blue in all new civic fd1 1.8cc using turbo

  2. Niemans says:

    For new car once you install the piggy back ECU the manufacturer’s warranty is VOID. I heard somebody is doing a ECU reflash where in cannot be detected when the owner send in their car for servicing as the ECU can be reprogram/switch back to factory mapping. Is it true?

  3. azameel says:

    i never heard of resetting the ecu to a stock condition, unless reflahing it back to standard setting, but that will cost money,
    and later if you change you car part, you need to reflash again
    personally i think its better to install a piggyback unit such as the e-manage, s-afc, unichip etc,
    if you are about to send your car for service, simply remove the piggyback unit and the setting will all go to stock,
    piggyback system doesnt alter the Map in the ecu, it only manipulate or trick the ecu input for the ecu to add more or reduce fuel.
    In other view, the piggyback gives false signal to the ecu

  4. Allan says:

    emanage can use my mivec 1.8 ?? thanks…

  5. Allan says:

    emanage can use by mivec 1.8 with walbro fuel pump ?? thanks…

  6. zul says:

    i use 4age twincam engine converted to turbo
    and i want to use this piggyback..
    what harness that i need to use?
    ignition? injector?
    please help me

  7. Jonathan says:


    Can E-manage installed into Nissan Frontier 2.5 diesel turbocharged?

    Please to hear

  8. KY Loi says:

    so thanksful to read on your web-page,

    just want to ask…can the e-manage used in my Naza Citra 2.0 auto.


  9. Malvine says:

    Can emanage install at perodua axia ?

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