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  • TRD Body Kit, Full Skirting & Spoilers – By UMW Toyota Motor Soon For Toyota Vios & Altis

    TRD body kit, full skirting & spoilers - by UMW Toyota Motor soon for Toyota Vios & Altis

    TRD to spice up your ride, soon

    TRD body kit, full skirting & spoilers – by UMW Toyota Motor soon for Toyota Vios & Altis

    Posted by: Andy Mervin George
    Toyota fans can expect to rejoice very soon as the accessories from its motorsports division, TRDToyota Racing Development, will be made available here.
    Better aerodynamics to beat the Hondas

    In an agreement with TRD Asia, which is based in Thailand, UMW Toyota Motor foresees the TRD accessories to be developed and manufactured locally if the demand of such items achieves desirable growth in Malaysia – a major factor in pricing and affordability to customers.

    The TRD accessories from UMWT will be from the TRD Sportivo range, the tamed version of the full TRD version that is street legal. High-performance accessories will not be offered through UMWT for now.

    The spoilers could fly you to the moon

    Currently, the bodykits will be the first to be manufactured locally, whereas most of the parts – radiator cap, fuel cap, air filter, alloy rims and bucket seats – are sourced from either Thailand or Japan, according to Toshio Obara, senior technical co-ordinator, TRD Asia, during an interview session at a preview for the media yesterday.

    UMWT is using the Toyota Vios as the prototype for the TRD accessories and will soon offer it to owners of the Toyota Altis. As for now, the facelifted Toyota Fortuner SUV has already been given the TRD Sportivo treatment. 
    The maestro for all of your TRD needs

    UMWT aims to attract the younger customers who thirst for a sportier outlook in their vehicles.

    While TRD accessories may be available from private importers, UMW Toyota Motor will be offering its accessories backed with full support and a three-year warranty.

    Source : The Star

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    17 Responses

    1. e_sham says:

      bodykit ni mmg cantik tp hrganya brapa dan dimana mau dapat

    2. syam says:

      cun…harge?…kat mane?….bleh bg tunjuk ajr camner nk makeup kete nih?…sye bru je pakai kete nih…new model…xtau nk makeup camne…rim nk pakai size brape nk bg cun?

    3. e-sham says:

      pakai je bokit jrd cam ni sy dah pasang rim sy dah masuk yg saiz 17 skrg keta dah lbih krg dlm pic diatas la cuma stiker tepi tu sy tak letak la..1lg grill yg dpan sy dah tukar yg jrd punya mmg cun pegi je mana2 pasti setiap mata memandang..ni baru luaran kat dalam tak payah gtaula org tak nmpak pun

    4. fit says:

      lawa!! hari tu aku nampak vios trd hitam kat subang jaya dpn ca4. pehh!! kalah city baru. sport rim hitam. suspension blkg naik skit, n sport kit pun ok. tp kena kumpul duit dlu br blh psg hehe..

    5. ccs says:

      Rear Bumper Reflector with LED


    6. trd boy says:

      kalau dogong..dugong jugak takan boleg jd jerung

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