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Yesterday we just visited the famous custom sticker shop, the Tom’s Stickers. Like usual, we didn’t disclose our identity as kdi editor. Just went there to visit and ask some question that maybe some of us really want to know on modifying or doing a custom sticker or decals on cars.


toms stickers review


We went there by using our official kdi cars. Entering the shop at Pandan Perdana Kuala Lumpur. At first, we heading straight to their HQ but then went to Pandan Perdana Showroom because at the HQ in Cheras Utama is just the office. We saw some of the cars and the tom’s stickers staff are doing their job installing the custom stickers on a car and some of the other staff are busy cutting stickers inside.

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When you go there, just enter a room or their office inside and you will found out many stickers and the design available for car stickers. Their price also reasonable with good track records and services for a few years as a custom sticker shop. Tom’s Stickers oftenly doing the custom stickers for autoshow cars and some personal extreme cars.

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About the quality, they use the normal media printing stickers, cut them into the desired design and stick it on cars. We saw one myvi with full of stickers on the body. some part of it already teared and that is normal for car with custom stickers. But they have the creativity to do the custom stickers job. Many samples of design are there so you will have some problems in choosing those design.

With this articles, we just want to expose to you one of the custom car stickers in Malaysia. And we hope some feedback or review of toms sticker from the customer of Tom’s stickers about the service and quality that they provide.

Usually the price of car body stickers is from RM400 to RM700 for both side. It depends on the area of your car body and how many colours of sticker design do you want. Basically the cheapest is Body lining sticker which is around RM150. The hood design stickers is from RM250 to RM400. Carbon fiber sticker is from RM299. Windscreen sticker or windshield ready made sticker is RM60. Small design stickers 3″x3″ RM5.

Below are some facts about Tom’s Stickers :

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Established in May 2003, Tom’s Stickers has been expending and growing not only within Malaysia but worldwide. A leader in the automotive graphic stickers industry, a superstore specializes in ready-made car decals, custom-made stickers, on the spot car graphic designing and other related services. Here in Tom’s Stickers, you’ll find variety of  quality products such as hood stickers, wind screen stickers, body stickers, body lining, emblem, roll call stickers, performance logo, graphic stickers and so forth.

 The innovative and brilliant designs of the stickers or apparently named ‘art-on-wheels’ are the brainchild of our in-house designers. These ‘art-on-wheels’ had been installed onto numerous cars that had participated in various car design competitions, and not surprisingly many of the car owners walk away with the title under their belt.

 Not one to rest on our laurel, we at Tom’s Stickers is still in the mist of further improving our already high quality products with the purchase of a number of new and advance printing machines. Besides this, these new machineries will also help support our ever increasing production line. All said we at Tom’s Stickers are proud to claim that our products are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning customers.

 Tom’s Stickers prospers with its successful and its vision is to offer the wider range of quality product to its customers. We believe that we would be able to produce more original yet inspiring imaginative and artistic stickers to satisfy and be attuned to the needs of everyone, everywhere. And that’s our mission.

Service and Products of Tom’s Stickers

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Banner, Bunting & Backdrop
Diplay System
Vehicles Graphic
Floor Deco Sticker
Graphic Mural Deco Sticker
Living Hall Deco Sticker
Room Deco Sticker
Toilet Deco Sticker
Walkway Deco Sticker
Wall Deco Sticker
Windows Deco Sticker
Cartoon Sticker
CPU Skin
Custom Labels
Education Sticker
Icon Sticker
Laptop Sticker


Car Stickers Installation Guides From Toms STickers

Road Tax/Mirror Sticker installation:-

1. Clean and dry the surface. Peel off the backing paper.

2. Apply behind the road tax.

3. Rub firmly to squeeze out the air bubbles.
Click here

Emblem installation:-

1. Unwrap the emblem box.

2. Remove from the box.

3. Apply it at the clean and dry surface.
Click here

 Small sticker installation:-

1. Thoroughly clean the surface where the sticker is to be applied.

2. Carefully remove the backing paper from the sticker.

3. Slowly row the sticker on the surface prepared, rub it in place with squeegee or similar item from the middle to outer edges to make sure there’s no air trapped under the sticker. Leave the application tape on for 10 -20 minute before removing.

4. Slowly remove the application tape, make sure does not lift up the sticker with the tape.
Big decals installation:-

1, Thoroughly clean the surface where the stickers is to be applied.

2.Remove the backing paper from the sticker, spray the soap water at the sticker and also the surface. Place the sicker on the surface.

3. Before removing the application tape, rub it in place with squeegee from the middle to outer edges. Make sure there’s no air bubbles trap under the sticker.

4. Remove the application tape, and clean the entire surface with clean water.

* If Air bubbles trapped. Use a pin to poke any air bubbles, push the air out from the hole.


Do you have any experience doing custom sticker with Toms Stickers  tom sticker, tomssticker? Share with us here!

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