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ROAD RUNNER – Bio-Fuel Additive for Petrol&Diesel:
A Bio-Tech fuel saver with 100% Malaysia formulation technology that help reduces fuel consumption and promotes higher engine performances.

road runner bio fuel additive fuel saver

Non-Toxic Degradable Formulation:
By suppression formation of very fine droplets and creating uniform fuel droplet size, significant increase in engine pressure is created, resulting in reduce fuel consumption and higher engine efficiency. Proven to be excellent in reducing particulate emission.


• With reductions in fuel sulphur level, lubricity cause excessive wear and premature failure of fuel pump and fuel injector.(Lubricity Improver
  Road Runner to restore the lubricity properties of the fuel).
• Improve ignition quality or Cetacean Number -  easy to start.
• (as ignition relay is reduced, the combustion  process starts earlier and emissions mainly carbon deposits and other contaminants  created by the incomplete combustion of  fuels and lubricant residues. These deposits can cause any of the following:
• Rough idling, stumbling, stalling & Increase in fuel consumption
• Decreased engine life, Power loss & Increase in emissions

road runner bio fuel additive fuel saver 2 354x500

• – More power and restore performance.
• – Prevent wear and tear thus, longer life of the fuel system.
• *It is recommended to add (ratio 1 ml to 1 litter diesel) Road Runner to one full tank of diesel fuel at the minimum interval of every 5,000 km or every time the engine oil is changed.
• * Road Runner is designed to give the highest possible effect when treated in fuel tank for a week before the inspection by the authority. (eg. PUSPAKOM), (Ration 2 ml to 1 litter diesel)

Effects & Characteristics of ROAD RUNNER:
1. Power Booster modify the fuel molecule clusters to more uniform size.
2. Complete combustion of fuel is promoted.
3. Increase conversion of fuel energy to engine force due to better volume metric ratio.
4. Provide excellent lubrication of the upper cylinder where engine oil is least effective.
5. Significantly reduce engine noise.
6. Soften and break down carbon deposits.
7. Breakdown sludge accumulation.
8. Power goes up and fume goes down.
9. Road Runner prevent rusts by protective film.
10.Improve engine performance is maintained on continuous use.

Use about 50-200 ml of Road Runner to be sucked in via the carburetor tube to manifold chamber while the engine is on. Fix  back the tube to its original position and ramp the accelerator a few minutes until all the black smoke,  follow by white smoke and finally water dripping out from the exhaust pipe.

road runner bio fuel additive fuel saver 1

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