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At the first place, why should i bother to write down some specification of Proton Wira Special Edition? While Proton already stop promoting this car? Well, just for instant review of Proton Wira SE and Standard for car buyers in Malaysia to buy. Because now we found that many of Proton Wira used or second hand for sell around Malaysia and some of us need an information about this car unfortunately if you go to Proton’s Website, they are not providing full specification of Proton Wira. And here I try to compile some information about Proton Wira standard and SE for second hand car buyer’s review.


Wira is the perfect family sedan for practical people like yourself: economical, comfortable and reliable. Proton Wira once upon a time have been the most famous and prefered car in Malaysia. Just because of its spaciousness and the affordable price like Proton Persona, its replacement model for today.

You believe in getting value for your money. That’s why Wira is perfect for you. Firstly, Wira offers you a great deal on price. It’s also designed to help you save in many ways. You’ll be surprised to find driving Wira a very comfortable and pleasant experience indeed.

Wira lets you enjoy economical pricing – plus a host of attractive features:

Contemporary design
Aerodynamic design adds to fuel economy

wira se interior

 Contoured support seats add to driving comfort
Advanced coil spring suspension system for greater stability and easy handling
Noise, vibration and harshness reduction for more enjoyable ride
Minimal engine maintenance required
Advanced fuel management systems lets you travel further per litre

This is what i like the most on Proton Wira: The interior quality. If you compare today’s proton car such as Saga and Persona, you will see much different in terms of interior quality such as noise reduction, soft material for dashboard, nice dashboard design etc.

The suspension is also better but the car is too lowered until you have so many difficulties when you reach a bumper on the road where you always stuck with your Proton Wira. And that is why many of the wira owner change the spring to higher adjustment and many people call it “wira sawah” then.

The Proton Wira is a car manufactured by Malaysian carmaker Proton, released as a four-door saloon and four-door hatchback beginning 1993. The Wira was intended as a newer alternative to the Proton Saga Iswara. The Wira was later planned to be replaced by two similar in-house designed Proton cars: The Proton Gen-2 (launched in 2004 to replace the “Aeroback” hatchback variant) and the Proton Persona (launched in 2007 to replace the saloon variant).



5-speed MT (F5M21)
Multi Point Injection (MPI) Fuel System
Max output : 74 bhp (55 kW; 75 PS) @ 6,000 rpm
Max torque : 108 N·m (80 ft·lbf) @ 4,000 rpm
Max speed : 163 km/h (101 mph)

Fuel consumption : 10km/l – 13km/l



5-speed MT (F5M21) / 3-speed AT (F3A21)
Multi Point Injection (MPI) Fuel System
Max output : 89 bhp (66 kW; 90 PS) @ 6,000 rpm
Max torque : 126 N·m (93 ft·lbf) @ 3,000 rpm
Max speed : 174 km/h (108 mph) (manual); 165 km/h (103 mph) (automatic)

Fuel Consumption : 10.5km/l – 13km/l



Wira SE is a good car. Good in a way that enthusiasts would describe it. For starters, the sporty Wira SE wears Gti spec 16-inch tyres that fills the wheel arches. The five spoke alloys themselves look the part and it lifts the appearance of the car in a way never before.

Proton is not like Perodua. Proton adjust fully on its “SE” model including the performance, not like Perodua that just make a facelift of its “SE” model.

 To ensure that this doesn’t compromise ride, in the same way that it didn’t in the fabulous Gti, Proton did away with the standard car’s suspension and had up rated the dampers, coil springs and bushings. Although they had enough information on how to make a car behave well with low-profile tyres, they had to start from scratch with the Wira SE as they couldn’t take the GTi’s suspension and plonk it into the Wira SE as it is a bigger and heavier car.

They have done a swell job at it. It reminds one of the GTi’s set up but still feels amazing considering that they have managed to replicate the surefooted feel of the Lotustuned hatch in a longer and heavier car such as the Aeroback. Hit a bump and the suspension just soak it up without ever transmitting the shock into the cabin. The steering is fast and accurate with just the right amount of weight to balance at low and high speeds.

Where most cars with low-profile tyres just crash in bumps and transmit suspension noise, the Wira SE hides them from the occupants.


The brilliant suspension tuning work is complemented by a retuned exhaust that is said to offer up to 8 per cent “more power” to the car. Whatever it may be, the 1.5-litre lump sure does feel alive. The car has a very lively throttle response, and especially meaty around 3000-4000rpm.

The number of things that they’ve got right with the car definitely justifies buying it for the handling alone but priced at RM49,000 makes it the bargain of the year.

Yes, this Wira SE is a great car for car enthusiasts. The handling is soo good and different with the standard proton Wira with minimum body roll while cornering with sharp steer. I remember when trying my brother’s Wira SE ( black version picture above this post ) after we have a picnic at Ulu yam with very zigzag road i still manage to handle the car and feel safe even at higher speed.

But now Proton has replaced this model with Proton Persona. The price for second hand Proton Wira Standard and SE now is around RM25k to RM35k.

If you want to buy between Wira 1.3 and 1.5, I would suggets just go for 1.5 because the performance of Wira 1.3 is too bad, not responsive and very high fuel consumption.

I hope my description here will help you a bit on the Proton Wira standard and SE review.

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3,709 Responses

  1. kej@m says:

    nape max speed die skit sgt…aku punye wira 1.3 leh smpi 175km/j..lom modified lg tu…
    member aku punye wira 1.5 die pernah bwk smpi 190km/j..ble g lg..tp xbrani jer..

  2. kdi says:

    Biase la tu kalo manufacturer punya spec die letak rendah sikit maybe untuk engine safety. Selalunya kereta memang bleh tekan lebih dari spec yang manufacture bagitau. Tapi, ingatlah orang yang tersayang ok.. =)

  3. hafiz says:

    sekarang aku pakai wira se merah. kereta pertama aku. aku bli baru masa 2005. baru ni, aku ternampak civic 97 kat used car dan aku berminat. aku cadang nak tolak wira aku dan nak bli civic tu. apa pendapat korang tentang keputusan aku? t.k

  4. remy says:

    yup.. aku nyer wira pon leh jejak sampai 190km/j.. no problem je.. b\lom modfld pon.. tp skg kete aku tgh custom.. n akan masuk turbo modfld kt enjin standt aku (1.5 je..) n upgred 1.6, highcam… that all.. bnukan nak wat racing pon kan.. just suke.. nantikan kemunculan kete aku kat persada autoshow nnti.. hihihiii

  5. genklong says:

    wira se the best……. kete aku sampai meter habis…. tapi modified la… haha n keter tue safety power gile… aku baru accident kat ldp minggu lepas… teruk gile bai…. tp aku kuar tanpa calar beb…. aku pun tekejut… accident pun salah aku..maklum la.. menggatal kejar kete org…. so skarang 1 bulan lebey aku takde kete… haha XD..sesape yg nak trade in pikir la 2 3 4 kali….. mmg safe la… ada anti role bar.. kete aku watktu accident tak berpusing kot… kereta yg aku respect for life man…… woc woc

  6. Dr. Manhattan says:

    Hi genklong,
    apa benda kau cakap nie… cakap baru minggu lepas accident, tapi dah sebulan takde kereta???
    kau nie cakap biar la terang sikit…nak tipu pun pandai2 sikit la… tau la kau tu mat rempit…

  7. jambaganbunga says:

    genklong 2 de keta ke?nape ckp cam xleh dipercayai jer.sila terangkan utk mptahankan dri.hehhehe….

  8. jambaganbunga says:

    pasal wira se ni,mmg power!!!aku pernah berlumba kat highway.keta aku dicicirkan oleh wira se…sungguh mbanggakan.nak tukar civic?xyah ler…hehehhe….

  9. alimamak says:

    aku pakai wira se merah, manufactured thn 2003, max speed belom pernah try tapi 160km/j pun berat nak pegi…boleh suggest macam mana nak bagi powe skit tanpa buat major modification…190kmj pun dah ok…

  10. Norman says:

    Ckp pasal Wira ni adik sedare gua baru convert dia punye 1.3MT kpd 1.5AT.keta dah nak msk 11 thn tapi condition tip top habis.Tak pernah rosak tepi jalan.Skrg dia pakai Naza Citra rhondo wira dia kongsi ngan isteri die.Still going strong.

  11. twooney says:

    wira se aku rim16″.. cadang nak tukar ke 15″ …
    tolong beri idea patut kekal pada 16″ ke atau 15″…
    minyak sekarang ok aje…

  12. kdi says:

    better kekal rim16″ tu dah cukup cun n stable. Kalo tukar rim 15 dah lari tuning SE die. Proton ni bagus skit dari Perodua. Wira SE die tune baik punye luar n dalam tmasuk pformance. So x payah nak tukar2. Melainkan ada rim 16″ yang lagi ringan.

  13. kej@m says:

    ok la tu rim 16″..lain la kalo nk masuk 17″ ker…xpe la jgk…

  14. Lily says:

    Ly pnh tringin memiliki wira se ni.Tp mse br kuar dlu ly pun tgh skolah lg,mne nk cr duit bli?Pendam jela prasaan 2.Huhu..

  15. nermanja vidic says:

    wira SE aku brt a..korg xrse cm2 ke??aku pk sbb rim 16″..abg aku kete sm gk wira SE..die da 2ka rim 15″ da..aku nk 2ka xda duit g..power stereng aku x pwer pn..BERAT!!!bg info ckt kt aku..abg aku slalu gle ktuk engineer proton wt rim 16″..die ckp x pndai kre..haha..

  16. alybaha says:

    klu nak sedap pakai sporrim 15 laa smart dan save minyak tayar pn murah

  17. deena aiman says:

    hello n salam………..
    sesiapa yang arif tentang modified kete nie bagi lah tip tip atau gambar2 kat saye tuk contoh….kete saye xcdent n sedih yang ampun tengok kete……….thanks……………kene 2k lagi ganti semua.

  18. bob says:

    Untuk wira SE COMMUNITY BOLEH layari http://www.wise.community.net
    untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai kelebihan, masalah, modifikasi, aktiviti,forum, jualbeli dan lain2 lagi.
    macam2 ada disana !

  19. siti says:

    salam sume… saya baru keje skrg urgent nak guna kete…sebenornye wira se ni ok ke x

  20. siti says:

    salam sume…
    saya baru keje skrg urgent nak guna kete…
    sebenornye wira se ni ok ke x..
    mane la ok.myvi kewira se ni..
    tolong sya wat pilihn…….!!!!!!

  21. Joko says:


    Kalau anda nak kereta yg berekonomi pilihlah Myvi, power pun boleh tahan jugak, tapi yg penting tak pening kepala pasal minyak, body pun cantik dan ringan. Biasanya orang pompuan tak suka nak mekap2, jadi Myvi ni pun dah cukup cantik dan anggun untuk pemakai macam anda.Myvi pun ada model SE jugak.

    Wira Se ni agak besar dan berat sikit, minyak lagi kuat, namun sparepart lebih murah dari Myvi cost maintenance murah sikit. Tapi kalau Wira ni, dimekap, lebih garang dan menarik dan ada bermacam2 aksesori dipasaran nak bagi dia tambah hensome dan menarik.yang penting ada duit lebih untuk mekap.

    Kemudian, harga jualan balik (second hand value) Myvi lebih baik dan mudah dijual dipasaran. Ramai peminat dan pembeli keta ni jika dibandingkan dengan Wira Se.

    Itu aje pendapat aku.

  22. kej@m says:

    cabut undi je siti..senang..hehe…

  23. Joko says:


    he hee (sambil garu kepala yg tak gatal) cari ajer pakwe yg kaya banyak kereta, dah tentu boleh dapat BMW lagik… hee hee jgn mare

  24. NuuV says:

    Wira SE akau dh jadi kenangan. Beli masa launch 2003 lps 6 tahun trade in beli MPV lak. Pada aku Wira SE ok..sesuai dgn aku masa aku pakai. Masalah kecil2 mmg adalah terutama air masuk kat but belakang. Tp bab lasak mmg lasak. Oklah tu harganya dlm RM49K. Tp skang kalau 2nd dah murah dah. Cuma barang 2nd biasalah hr ni beli esok lusa byk yang nk kene ganti.

  25. Lily says:

    Antara 2 plihan yg siti nak,Ly rsa better ambk myv.Pastu tgk jgk la duit..sbb ly rse proton ni lbh murah dr produa.
    plan nk bli kreta 2nd ke?

  26. kej@m says:


    kalo mcm tu pun ok jgk…hehe…tp kalo bab air masuk kt dlm but tu mmc x dinafikan..
    kawan aku penah tegur aku..die tanye nk bela ikan ke dlm kereta..haha…

  27. ct says:

    bagi pendapat i baik beli wira banding myv…myv mcm katak ler hehehh..i tak minat gk…

  28. ct says:

    susah2 sgt beli keta toyota landcruiser 4×4…kat mana pon ble lalu jer..

  29. Joko says:

    Aku pun ade bela ikan macam ko jugak pada Waja aku, Takat ikan baung, dua ekor idup lah. aku terperasan masa nak ambil tayar spare … so lepas tu aku cari2 kat mana lubang air tu, tup2 aku jumpa kat dalam casing lampu belakang, lepas aku tanggalkan casing lampu belakang, bukan pecah, tapi dari penelitian aku, ianya dari kilang lagi. Aku pun pelik kenapa mamat kilang proton tu tak cek benda2 macam tu sebelum pasang. Getah pelapik semua okey, memang kalau tengok dari luar tak nampak, kena tanggalkan casing lampu tu baru nampak , salah satu kelok pada belakang casing lampu yg dibuat dari plastik tu berlubang. So aku ambil gam tampal lubang akuarium, sumbat kat situ, itu ajer baru okey sekarang.

  30. maal4553 says:

    kepada sesiapa yg pkai wira thn 1999-2002..
    mcm mn keadaan wira tu skrg?
    ada prob dr segi enjin ke, a.cond ke, gear ke.
    sy harap dpt info dr sesiapa yg bkenaan.

  31. ct says:


  32. ct says:


  33. jayb8 says:

    pakai wira 1.3ab tahun 2002. stakat ni dah tujuh tahun cuma ada rosak 1-kipas aircond, 2-klac blade,cover,bearing, 3-timing belt 2x tukar, 4-power window 5-radio dll yg kecik2 je. kos pun xde le tinggi sgt. so far ok le dr neo baru wife punya. baru seminggu pun alarm & radio dah problem. skrg ni pakai dugung.. xtau le sbb baru lg dpt..

  34. Tamingsari says:

    Aku pakai wira se 2005.Pada aku wira model the best bg kereta buatan tempatan.Enjin tahan lasak.Setakat ni xde masalah pun guna wira se ni.Untuk pick-up dan long distance mmg the best la.Fuel consumption pun ok.

  35. Man says:

    Campro 1.3 lebih berkuasa dari enjin wira 1.5. Ini bermakna campro 1.6 berkuasa kuda macam 1.8 enjin zaman wira. Kalau campro CPS, lagi hebat. Ayah saya pernah pakai 1.5 auto.

  36. angah says:

    aloo kwn2 sume….aku nak tya pdapat korg skit tg wira se ni…aku pya tu lowerd la…ape pdpat korg klu aku naikkan dia pya blakang skit…just klu naik 5 org tu xder la nak sangkut bumper…lg satu…aku mcm nak cari body kit yg mantap skit utk wira se aku tu…so…kat mn leh aku dapat ek…ok..psal enjin plak…aku stuju..enjin dia mmg best…mantap…2 thn aku guna…utara selatan aku drive…cantik je…klu aku nak up enjin agak2 leh lepas ke msuk 1.8 pya enjin (enjin gsr)…so..tlg bg jwpn sape2 yg tau…xpun email aku kat [email protected]
    thanks ya!

  37. Joko says:

    angah, cuba ko tukar spring dan absober belakang dengan absober honda accord. sebab dia punya spring lebih tebal dan kuat, dulu aku punya WIRA 1.5 selalu gak cecah bhg belakang kalau muatan penuh 5 orang, terutama masa lalu kat bumper/bendul jalan. Lepas pomen advice suruh tukar absober dan spring honda accord, barulah syok, tak risau lagi. saiz sama panjang, tapi spring coil lebih gemuk sikit dari Wira ori punya.

  38. Tamingsari says:

    Joko,thanx for the info.

    Man,kalau setakat enjin berkuasa tp x tahan lasak pun x guna gak.Wira terkenal dgn enjin lasak.Lg satu,kalau enjin berkuasa sekalipun tp x pandai maksimumkan kuasanya pun x guna gak.Kalau drive takut2,nampak je selekoh dr jauh lg dah tekan brek,shifting gear lambat,x pandai ambil selekoh,dan mcm2 lagi la…..kalau driver camtu bagi evo9 mr pun x guna.

  39. Man says:

    Mak saya pakai Gen2 1.3 auto tahun 2005. Masih hebat bila naik bukit tangga Jolobu. Bila kona pun tak membuang macam atas rail. Kalau guna gear 3 naik bukit memang best. Kawan opis mak saya yang guna City baru pun kata tak dapek nak motong akak.

  40. angah says:

    thanks joko….nti aku try….haa…ko ada x tpat2 yg leh aku tgk body kit utk wira se ni…area lembah klang…kot2 ko ada ke…ke sape2 mber2 yg lain ke…k..tq