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modified kelisa modification bodykit colour black purple blue red perodua custom 500x352

Perodua Kelisa is one of Malaysian’s favourite mini compact car due to its simple & nice appearance and the performance of 1000cc (989cc) car is just impressive. But unfortunately Perodua has stopped its production just after Perodua Viva came out to Malaysia automotive market as Kelisa replacement model. Driving Perodua Kelisa is quite fun because it has a really good pickup compare to other car. The power to weight ratio is enough and you surely don’t need a turbo charger for this twin cam DOHC 1000 (989) cc engine for Kelisa. Today I just want to share some pretty picture of modified Kelisa or custom bodykit Kelisa, it’s history and full specification of Kelisa.
purple bodykit spoiler bumper skirtings with white sport rims perodua kelisa
Perodua Kelisa with very low profile tyres and white sport rims. Painted with purple metallic, some strange colour but it looks suitable for this little cute car.
perodua kelisa mira gino style
Usually Kelisa owners like to modify their cars to be a Daihatsu Mira version bodykit. As we all know, Kelisa is based on Daihatsu Mira or Cuore. Above is the custom design bodykit like Daihatsu Mira Gino.
perodua kelisa bodykit monstermodz custom design scoop
Above and below, very clean and neat custom bodykit of Perodua Kelisa in white. Fitted with air scoop on the hood and rear diffuser makes this cute car have a fierce genetic on the outside.
modified kelisa white
The Kelisa was, in all its releases, based on a fifth generation Daihatsu Mira, and is named after the Arowana fish native to Malaysia (ikan kelisa). The Kelisa was made available in two iterations: The first, which debuted in 2001, was intended to bear similarities to the 1999 Perodua Kancil at the front, including the headlights and grille; the second iteration, introduced in 2002, was given a minor facelift to feature modified and lower profile bumpers, and a grille that extended wider to reach the headlights. The second iteration would go on to replace the original Kelisa outright in the Perodua lineup. The Kelisa was popular amongst Malaysian drivers for its relatively good power-to-weight ratio, affordable price and low fuel consumption at around 17km/l to 20km/l
The Kelisa was released in several “special” editions. A limited-edition Kelisa, based on the original variant, prominently sports two-toned colored paintwork and minor interior modifications. Later, the interior of the second Kelisa was given a few modifications and the exterior a modern Metallic Pearl Jade finish—a light double metallic colour—which Perodua marketed under the name Kelisa Imago.
As Perodua has sold its vehicles to the United Kingdom since 1997, the Kelisa was introduced into the country in January 2002 as a replacement to the Nippa, a rebadged Kancil.
Production and marketing of the Kelisa, along with the Kancil, was officially halted following the release of the Perodua Viva in May 2007. Due to similarities in size and vehicle model they are derived from, the Viva is intended to succeed the Kelisa and the Kancil, both of which had been in production for 6 years and 13 years, respectively.
mini cooper style bodykit custom design kelisa malaysia
Wow! Mini Cooper? Nop! Its a Kelisa with custom design Mini cooper style with wide bodykit and Mini cooper racing stripe. This Kelisa can really be a Mini Cooper “wannabe”
kelisa daihatsu cuore l700 bodykit
Kelisa fitted with Daihatsu Mira Cuore custom bodykit. This one is really simple yet good looking modification on Kelisa. The owner change the headlamp of Perodua Kelisa to the Mira Cuore and I think it is better than the stock Kelisa Headlamp. It is surely better if there is smoked projector headlamp for Kelisa.






 EJ-VE petrol, transverse, water cooled, in-line 3 cylinder, DOHC, 12 valve with VVT
 72 x 81 mm
 989 cc  (also available in 850 cc for kelisa 850 edition)
Max Power
 55PS (40.5kW) at 5,200 rpm
Compression ratio
Max Torque
 88.3 Nm at 3,600 rpm
Fuel System
 Electronic sequential fuel injection



 Manual 5-speed
 Automatic 3-speed
 2.731  (A)
 1.526   (A)
 1.000   (A)
 2.290   (A)
Final Drive
 3.966   (A)

 Dry single plate with diaphragm spring 


 Independent MacPherson strut, coil springs, anti-roll bar
 Semi-trailing arm with 3-link location, coil springs, beam axle 
  Brakes Solid front discs/rear drums with servo assistance


 Rack and pinion with power assistance
Turning circle
 4.6 metres 


 4.5J with 155/65R13 

Fuel Economy 

Urban (mpg)
Extra-urban (mpg)
Combined (mpg)
CO2 (g/km)

Fuel tank capacity

 40 litres  

Load capacity

 155/426 litres VDA   


0-60 mph
 14.8 secs
 17.2 secs   (A)

Top Speed

 88 mph / 140.8km/h
 87 mph  / 139.2km/h (A)


 3480 mm
 1420 mm
Interior length
 1720 mm
Interior width
 1220 mm
Interior height
 1170 mm
 2345 mm
Track front
 1310 mm
Track rear
 1280 mm
Min ground clearance
 130 mm


Kerb weight
 EX 760kg, GX 760kg, EZ 770kg
Gross vehicle weight
 1270 kg
custom bumper for kelisa bodykit
A BLUE Modified Kelisa. You can see the big door visor and wide tyres that makes this Kelisa outstanding instead of its custom bumper for Kelisa.
You own a Kelisa?  Tell us you experience on driving and modifying this cute yet great car! 

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12 Responses

  1. alias mz.. says:

    yg biru tu sbiji mcm mini couper….

  2. muyyaQ says:

    aku mmg suke kelisa, rase nk beli.. tp xde dah yg 1st hand.. :( nak beli 2nd… hand nak cari yg enjin elok payah… sape2 lau ade info about kelisa tell me, k…… im very interested with kelisa than another car..

  3. Eder says:

    serve r tiap2 kdai…..
    tngk r jrk p’jlnn kete2…..
    klau beruntung dpt kete yg br jln ckit……
    mcm br ni kakak ak b’nasib baik dpt beli kete savvy 2d br jln 11k je…..
    kete mcm br…harga 2d…..
    ikut nasib gak r….
    n lagi sa2 kne rajin p serve……

  4. muyyaQ says:

    erm.. oh..
    yg pasal jrk perjalanan kete tuh.. bukan ke leh tukar? camne nk tau kalau kot2 kedai jual kete 2nd hand tuh tipu. aku xpandai sgt bab2 kete ni.. tpi minat ah -_-” huhu~

    ade gak usya kat internet. erm tp xberapa yakin la kalau beli terus ngan owner.

  5. Eder says:

    klau nk bli yg seakn bru….
    cr r kete kelisa last model….
    jngn cr yg old model……
    bab meter2 no coment r….
    lg sa2 tkut kete banjir r…..
    kene tngk tul2…..
    kdng2 bnyk yg br beli pas2 trade in beli kete baru….
    kt tmpt ak bnyk yg baru2….mybe diorng trade in
    mane2 tmpt pun bnyk…..
    bab enjin kne test drive r…..

  6. ijat ppc says:

    kalo btul2 nk kete kelisa 2nd, aku pya mber ada… kalo nk body gino pun bleh… kete autoshow, tp dh bkak bodypart gino… bdypart dpan n blakang kelisa, yg len complete gino minilite…

  7. ijat ppc says:

    kalo nk usha, kontek aku kt no ni. 016-4213677(ijat ppc)

  8. comment says:

    Kalau dah convert Kelisa ngan bodykit Gino + etc tu JPJ lulus tak?
    Kalau setakat nak masuk pameran no hal rasanya..

  9. kiss naa says:

    Like d site n car modification….owner peradua kelisa 2002 yr model….neat red…

  10. Akmd says:

    Salam. Ada sesiapa yg blh bantu untuk beri maklumat kedai yang blh refurbish kelisa to it/ original condition ie engine dan interior sekali di KL/Selangor ?

  11. nicholas says:

    Baru dapat beli kelisa 2001 di papar sabah… berapa kos mau mod mini cooper ya?

  12. NH says:


    Ready-made bodykit mini dalam RM500-600. Selain kedai aksesori, kebanyakan kedai cat pun ada provide pasang bodykit. Kena tanya tuan kedai. Biasa kalau dah pakai body mini, body jadi wide, kalau nak cun and selesa drive kena pakai tayar 15x7jj offset at least 32 cmtu. Kalau nak pakai offset 38 boleh tp nanti tayar belakang sagat dalam, kena pakai spacer dlm 5mm. and yang pasti WAJIB pakai adjustable absorber. Digalakkan pakai Stopper utk absorber belakang utk avoid tersagat in case spring lembut (rate 3k below). Total kos nak mod body + cat + suspension + rim & tayar at least dalam RM4.5k juga. Based on pengalaman sendiri :)

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