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Nitro Designs is a Malaysia Auto Company that provides body kits and restyling specially in air brush art on car. They are located in Subang Jaya, Selangor. The Body Kits including from Proton Body Kit, Honda Body kit, Nissan Body Kit, BMW Body Kit and Up to Mazda RX8 Body Kit & Nissan Fairlady Body Kits. This is “Pimp My Ride” Malaysia!


Nitro Designs started operations back in 2003. From a company that only offers custom airbrush and car paint works, today, Nitro offers complete restyling of your ride, from custom bodykits to shiny picture perfect paint job. At Nitro, They’re not just about selling bodykits or just giving a new paint job for your car. At Nitro, they RESTYLE your car.

Your ride is more than just a machine that gets you to your desired destination. Your ride reflects your ego. Bring your ride to Nitro for a restyle, and we guarantee she’ll be beautiful, well built and turn heads wherever she goes, and of course, you’ll love showing her off.

Not sure what to do with your car? Which bodykit? What color to paint your ride? Just come in to Nitro and the team will show you what they can do with your ride.

From car enthusiast to corporate giants, they’ve done them all. 

Their direct affiliation with Australia’s largest and most prominent airbrushing company, Advanced Airbrush enables us to benefit from the latest airbrush methods and the ability to complete airbrush jobs within days what would otherwise take a month! They recognized the simple fact not every individual possesses a second car; hence they continuously strive to improve their turn over rate by utilizing the latest airbrushing skills and tools. Advanced Airbrush’s company director and one of the world’s top airbrush artists, Wayne Harrison also serves as Nitro Designs’ exclusive advisor and trainer. He is a highly in demand artist and is the President of the National Airbrush Association Australia, Inc.”

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22 Responses

  1. Sherwin Michael says:

    hey guys i have a citroen xsara and i was wondering weather u guys have body kits for the car i have or any idea where can i find it

    Sherwin Michael

  2. kdi says:

    Hi sherwin michael, for a rare model like yours, usually people make up their cars at custom body shop. You can find it at Bandar Sunway Near sunway pyramid or Batu Caves near Giant. The cost is around RM1k-3k.

  3. Tyrel Fernandez says:

    Hi, I am looking for bodykits for Nissan Grand Livina, especially the one with two exhaust opening for the rear body kits, anyone know where could i get it and the cost for installing it? Thanks

  4. kdi says:

    Hi tyrel, you can look into mylivina forum or search for airmaster bodykit for livina

  5. farid says:

    kat mane ye kedai NITRO DESIGN BODY KIT ni

  6. asdasd says:

    do you have fullbodykits for 1996 honda accord sv4? how much does it cost?

  7. EJAN45 says:

    hi.. i would like 2 know.. do u have any body kits for an old car?? especially proton saga.. n how much does it cost? (bodykits +paint whole car+body work) ur estimation…

  8. redz says:

    address plz..?

  9. wowwwwwwwwwwwww what a beautiful car design………………hey guys ,,,,,, i have a nitro car with a beautiful body designnnnnnnnn.

  10. gleen says:

    hi guys. can u pls help this very ignorant person. i got this 2 bcars and i dont know what 2 do with it. one is a mazda lantis 323f 1.6 97 and the other is a honda sv4 2.0 95. i wonder what kind of bodykit should i use for this cars. anyone pls give me a suggestion. i also would like 2 upgrade my hp n i hope u people out there could help me in what type of engine mod should i go into. u people suggest. i also want 2 know the price if i should go 4 engine swap………….tq.

  11. kdi says:

    you got a very nice car there. Anyway, you can search for any modification sample done by honda sv4 and mazda lantis online. To make it simple, just go to nearest car accessories shop and pick a bodykit that suits your car. Otherwise, you can choose your own design and make a custom bodykit at custom bodykit workshop. the price for full bodykit plus spray is around RM1000 only. where is your location actually? for engine swap, go to your nearest half cut workshop. there are a lot of half cut item especially for honda cars.

  12. Mike says:

    My friend was looking for EVO 4 bodykit for his Lancer. Please quote me price including delivery to sabah to my email address. thanks.

  13. Norman says:

    If you happen to drive in S;pore just go sungei kadut or defu lane vehicle scrap areas.My JB friends got items like stering wheel,Leather seats,Lights which is more cheaper than half cut shops that cut your throat here provided you know how to bargain.My cousin got full mitsubishi lancer badges front and back for $15.

  14. KH Lee says:

    Hi currently I just bought a Nissan Sentra N16 model and comes with the basic Nismo bodykit. I want to look for something sporty like Honda City or Civic Mugen kind of sporty bodykit or the impul type like Latio model. Do you know which workshop that do custom body kit and with very good quality and reasonable price?

  15. kdi says:

    For those who want to do custom bodykit and buy cheap bodykit we would suggest http://www.monstermodz.blogspot.com

  16. danny says:

    i myself also do a little air brush on my own…so a….i would like to ask weather that i could get a job appotunity from you?

  17. Azie says:

    Kereta saya ade calar kat bumper depan, mahal x if nak touch up?. Budget? If nak buat air brush art to cover it,boleh ke?. Budget ?. Keta kecik jer… Viva. Pls reply…

  18. kdi says:


    nak touch up, cube beli touch up paint kat eneos tu harga murah je. kebanyakan colour code ada jual. kalo xnak, letak sticker ape2 pon bleh..

  19. Salim says:

    I searching for a body kit fibre glass from toyota mr2 1st generation convert to Gallardo. Thanks

  20. Wan Adrie says:

    Can u do the bodykit for this car? 1991 model, gullwing doors. Needs to be repainted as well

  21. Wan Adrie says:

    its a toyota sera 1991 btw

  22. nesh says:

    bro i own an saga lmst 2005…m planing to modify bodykits for it….and also airbrush…any suggestions bro????……how much is the cost for airbrush

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