Honda already have its new bodykit or facelift of Honda Stream MPV which they call Stream RST. The design changes on the exterior and interior of the new honda stream makes this Honda MPV a luxury and sporty off course. So here we share some info regarding the RST Stream which is not yet available in Malaysia but we believe it will enter our market soon. If not the original, people will try to follow the design by doing custom bodykit RST Stream style.



Notable improvements on the new honda stream RST styling  (for all models) are:

Refreshed front and rear bumpers.
Retuned RST suspension settings.
New “smoked” rearlights.
The addition of the RST trim.
The RST trim is quite a turnaround, and can be called the biggest twist in the story. Honda already gives the RSZ trim for Stream which is the highest trim level, but here it is, RST… Is it a downscale of RSZ? Or an even upscaled Stream RSZ?


The RST is actually the “performance” variant of the RSZ. Sporting bigger 17? rims, it has reduced weight thanks to the removal of the third row seat.Yes, they removed the seat. Instead of putting a turbo engine which enthusiasts has hoped from the obvious T… They just remove the seats! Making Stream RST a wagon. They retune the suspension for sportier driving.


The engine of the stream RST comes in two flavors, the 1.8L i-VTEC @ 140ps and 2.0L i-VTEC @ 150ps… So, calling the RST a sporty performance wagon should be unjustified.

It’s mid-life facelift time for the Honda Stream, a Japanese market compact MPV with three rows of seats that looks like a cross between a people carrier and a station wagon model. The subtly refreshed Stream gains a restyled front bumper, a new grille, upgraded features and different trim options for the interior plus a revised suspension. In other words, nothing to get excited about. However, Honda did add a new variant to the lineup called RST that attempts to give some ‘R-Type’ flavor to the compact MPV.


And by flavor we don’t mean a high-revving four-pot but an exterior styling package that includes among other parts, a new rear bumper with a diffuser and specific tail lights, new 17-inch alloy wheels, body-hugging seats, sportier interior trim with aluminum decor and contrasting red stitching on the leather steering wheel and gear knob along with a sportier suspension setup.

And since the RST is supposed to be “sporty”, the Japanese automaker decided to remove the third row of seats for weight saving reasons – that’s what Honda supports in its press release. Would of made some sense if the RST was offered with a R-Type powertrain, but since it is available with the same 140HP 1.8-liter and 150HP 2.0-liter i-VTEC engines as the rest of the range, it just makes it less practical and nothing else.

So for those who wants some ideas especially the owner of honda stream on modifying their exterior, this might be a great example of MPV modification to a sporty performance wagon.


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  1. Stream Maniac says:

    Bro… tahun bila agaknya akan masuk M’sia by Honda or Naza? Sabor Menunggu!!!

  2. nazmi says:

    dah ada dah di pasaran..

    banyak dah aku jumpa atas jalan..

    memang cun tapi harga yang tak cun

    kalaulah cukai import dihapuskan..

    aku mesti pengeruhi ayah aku beli sebab harga tanpa cukai baru RM 4X, XXX. 00 – 6X, XXX. 00

    bergantung pada spesifikasi

    tapi x silap aku untuk pasaran malaysia tanpa cukai harganya dalam RM 4X, XXX. 00 – 55, XXX. 00 ( sila rujuk laman rasmi Honda Jepun )

  3. bem-bem says:

    keren Abizzzzzzz

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