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new naza suria malaysia kia picanto

Naza compact car, the Naza Suria which is a rebadged of Kia Picanto is now available for sales with price tag for LS RM 43,888 and for GS RM45,888. However the car does not equipped with Air Bags /ABS or EBD. It has been a discussion in forum as the price was too pricey for a CKD/compact/mini car. Overall the car look the same like Kia Picanto except there is some changes to the foglamp, a more stylish facelift and side skirting, not to miss out a Naza Logo.

Naza Suria / Kia Picanto – Specification & Review

new naza suria malaysia

NAZA SURIA                                                                     
Engine : 1.1 SOHC
Max Power : 64Ps @ 5500
Max Torque : 94.1Nm @ 2,800
Fuel Tank : 35 litre
Wheels : 14″ (165/60)
Safety: No Airbag, No ABS, No EBD
Price: RM43K – RM45K

See the world in a whole new light with Naza Suria. Life’s a cruise in a proven class-leader with refined engineering and functional, trend-setting design. Experience a blissfully serene interior optimised for less Noise, Vibration, and Harshness. And let your personality shine through with a choice of 6 fresh and funky colours.
Life’s simply brighter with Suria.

    Expand your horizons

Feel at ease in a meticulously designed interior optimised for comfort and versatility. Discover the blissful serenity inside with less Noise, Vibration, and Harshness. And savour the driving experience that is the Naza Suria in plush, ergonomic seats.

    Enjoy peace of mind

Safety is our utmost priority too. That’s why the Naza Suria incorporates trusted safety technologies like Side Impact Protection, Child Safety Door Lock, braking system tested to international safety standards, and reinforced steel body. It all adds up to the best possible protection for your peace of mind.  

    Indulge in style & functionality

 Take control with the Naza Suria’s head-turning trendy design and groove to the beat in a wide range of fresh and funky colours that express your sense of individuality.  

    Cruise through life

 Zip about in and out of town with and proven. 1.1 litre powerplant. Shift to the equilibrium of motion at ease with a suspension system tuned for excitement. And breeze through the norm with a smart automatic transmission that offers you a delightfully smooth, clean drive.

Average Fuel Consumption Reported By Most User Of Naza Suria is 15km/litre to 17km/litre

new modified naza suria malaysia

Modified Naza Suria / Kia Picanto

For Naza Suria or Kia Picanto owner, you are invited to leave a comments of your driving experience. Let us know what is the advantage and disadvantage for having naza suria.

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20 Responses

  1. akim says:

    design ni dah outdated le walaupun agak cun..kat oversea picanto dah kuar design lg latest..mesia ni lambat update design..so check it out!

  2. faith cassidy says:

    camne nak cari gamba naza suria modified!

  3. qz_85 says:

    nica la tgk picanto putih tu… show la lg gmbr picanto yg di modified….

  4. kej@m says:

    x cantik la kete nie..dah la airbag pun xde..
    mahal je lebih…

  5. apai says:

    alahai cuba lah naza beri enjin ‘doch’ kan best. gear pun jenis auto aje. rasa nya keta ni agak kureng kit populariti nya jika d banding kan dgn myvi

  6. din68 says:

    aku pakai suria tapi tak pernah dapat 15 – 17km/liter(10-12sen/km). Sekarang average ~ 15sen/km. Kawan2 lain macamana?

  7. snoop says:

    che din68..macam mana suspension/keselesaan u bawa suria tu?

  8. din68 says:

    hi snoop, frankly saya kata suspension kereta ni kalau jalan lurus ok. Saya pernah pecut sampai 150km/hr tak ada masalah kat PLUS seremban – ayer keroh. Cuma masa cornering ada goyang sikit kalau bawa laju atau jalan tak rata. Kalau bandingkan kereta savvy wife saya, suria jauh ketinggalan. Enjin masa high speed senyap. Taka macam savvy bawa 120km/hr enjin macam 150km/hr suria.

  9. yankuro says:

    salam..nak tanya naza suria nie boleh guna RON95 tak?

  10. farikha says:

    hye i am new suria owner.. i called it CIPONG. it is a very super car!

  11. farikha says:

    @yankuro boleyh! cipong saya pkai RON95. mmg jimat pkai ron95 tue. n then mmg lagi best.

  12. zacks says:

    hai actually…sy ni tak guna suria…wife sy yg guna…ada la 2 ker 3 kali sy drive suria ni…totally sy nak bgtau…yg ketara pasal suria ni…dia punyer keselesaan…kira okey jgk la…fuel saving pun boleh thn…tbhan plak guna ron 95…rasa lain skit la…cuma pick up jer kurang skit…enjin maintainance pun ok la…

  13. farikha says:

    heee….btol btol btol…pick up je kurang skeyt…tp mmg selesa. bebaloi baloi…skrg kete naza da murah..promotion naza sutera 29 999.kalo ade yg minta ke leh contact2…naza suria ni plak bleyh diskaun sampai 7ribu…

  14. boy peegee says:

    thank semua…. td g check kat byk bengkel…. knocking drpd cable api yg x jln satu, gb ok , cuma pomen tgh check punca enjin berat….suspect coil api atau pun pulley besar blah bwh…

  15. MrSiber says:

    huh …. klu camtu apa2hal kompom rm byk nk melompat keluar dr poket tu ……

  16. danish29 says:

    Saya pernah bawa kereta isteri saya naza suria…bila saya berhenti di station mnyk …saya dapat rasa haba yg amat panas dari bawah kereta saya dibanding kan dgn kereta myvi yg saya pakai…adakah ini akan ada effect yg bahaya utk saya terus kan perjalanan 400 km lagi

  17. danish29 says:

    Sebelum saya mula kan pejalanan jauh saya sudah hantar kereta isteri saya servies….boleh beri kan saya pendapat atau terang kan pada saya …adakah model kereta ini mengeluar kan haba yg panas dari enjin ke bawah body kereta ….berbeza dgn kereta yg saya pakai myvi ???

  18. riduan says:

    Nak tanye sikit pasal kia picnto ni. Tau x enjin ape yg boleh masuk kat kereta ni selain enjin asal sbp sy punye kerta ade masalh gearbox masuk ni dah 3 kali tukar gearbox walaupun sy jage dengn elok. kos mahal pulak 2 nak jual syg sbp body dia memng mantap.

  19. farr says:

    kenapa picanto ni guna minyak hitam 10-30. sedaangkam cc dia 1.1cc je. Bandingkan dgn MYVI 1.5cc tp guna kelikatan mnyk hitam 5-30.

  20. kdi says:

    Farr, anda bebas menggunakan mana2 jenis minyak hitam dalam range yg disarankan dalam buku manual. Semak buku manual. Tak ada masalah nak guna fully synthetic.

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