naza carnival

NOV 16, KDI team has visited Naza Automall at Petaling Jaya to view all event and cars available for test drive, show and sell. Naza have a lot of cars there and they offer really great price with zero down payment, zero loan interest rate and very low monthly installment up to 12 years installment of your new car bought from Naza.

There are too many models including Ferrari brought by Naza Italia, Motorbikes and motorcycles by Naza Bike, Mercedes and Brabus, BMW, Mazda, Perodua, Lamborghini, Audi, Toyota MPV, Honda MPV and Many other sports car such as Mitsubishi evolution and latest nissan skyline GTR.


Audi Q7

audi q7 suv malaysia

This audi q7 is one of the SUV available there. The design is very nice and very big.

Audi R8

audi r8

This Audi R8 Sports car showed its beauty at the naza auto mall PJ

Hummer H3

hummer h3 malaysia

Hummer H3 is newly brought into Malaysia and the price is around Rm400,000 OTR. It is a very big 4×4 suv.


Ferrari In Malaysia

ferrari f430 malaysia

Among the attractive Ferarri Sports Car, F430 and Ferrari Enzo is the most outstanding design from Ferrari. Ferrari Malaysia sell by Naza Italia. The Ferrari cars average price is Rm1.5 million. The most expensive car is the Ferrari Enzo with RM4.5 million.


bmw mclaren roadster

Very beautiful tail lights at the back of this long in front portion vehicle of mclaren roadster.



lamborghini malaysia

You can also see closely all expensive cars specially sports car like lamborghini


Mini Cooper

interior mini cooper bmw malaysia

This is the interior of mini cooper which can be said as extremely nice dashbord design.

Mazda 5

mazda 5 mpv malaysia

If you look from the outside, it seems like this Mazda 5 MPV is too big. But when you enter, its just a normal size MPV like Toyota Wish. But the interior is way better than toyota wish.

Mazda 6

mazda 6 malaysia

The All New Mazda 6 is a great looking car. the interior is sporty but the head room quite low and not enough space if you are more than 180cm tall.

Mazda cx-9

mazda cx9 malaysia

This is what we should call “big SUV + MPV” Very luxurious interior of this mazda cx-9 .

Mazda RX8

mazda rx8 malaysia body kit

There are lot of Mazda RX8 during the auto show at naza auto mall. With different version and bodykit.

mazda rx8 doors

You can experience sitting in the best handling sport car, RX8. The doors opens with unique style. Open the front foor firdt and then the back door. A little bit narrow entrance to enter the back seat. But you can sit back there comfortably. Its just for 2 people at the back. the seat in front really firm with your body. That makes you feel comfortable.

Mitsubishi Evolution VS Subaru Imprezza

mitsubishi evolution vs subaru imprezza

Go there and compare yourself of the exterior and interior of this two sports machine. Than you will know which one is better. Evolution 9 or Imprezza.

Motorbike / Motorcyles Show and Sell

motorcycle show sell malaysia

Beside the auto mall, there is one building for all motorbike show. There is so many bikes there to see and compare if you want to buy. They provide really good deal for you to buy a motorbike.

motorbike show naza

This one is motorbike booth inside of the automall. Majority sell Naza Bike and harley Davidson.

New Nissan Skyline GTR

nissan skyline gtr

Everyone is looking for this high end sport car. Its not just a normal japanese sport car. It produce very high horsepower to be able to compete with other expensive sport car such as Porsche or Ferrari.

Nissan Fairlady 350Z

nissan fairlady 350z interior

This is the interior of the Nissan 350 Z Fairlady.

And many more cars previewed during the naza carnival. today is the last day. Make sure you’ll be there and grab the opportunity to do the test drive and experience the inside of each car and big MPV’s.

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  1. liquid says:

    kaya gilesss NAZA nie…..patutler dia tk kisah org komplen2 pasal model kete dia yang biasa2

  2. aim says:

    hahahaaaa … mana hang korek thread ni …

    untung kat nazakia dorang buat minum petang jeee …. tu pasal komplen diselang seli ngan maki hamun pon dorang tak layan … buang masa je klu dorang layan …

  3. liquid says:

    he3…saje layan perasaan…

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