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Heel Toe Shifting 

Learn proper race shifting to get your car into the right gear for drifting. Section also includes double clutch shifting so you can downshift before drifting without blowing out your transmission too quickly.   

Power Over Drift 

A throttle induced drift, this is performed when entering a corner and using the accelerator to slip the rear wheels, producing heavy oversteer through the turn. You will often need lots of horsepower to make this happen.   

E-Brake Drift  

This drifting technique is very basic, pull the E-Brake or side brake to induce rear traction loss and balance drift through steering and throttle play. This can also be used to correct errors or fine tune drift angles. Main drift technique used in FWD vehicles, however since it does decrease speeds, e-brake drifting is looked down upon during solo type drifting competition.   

Clutch Kick Drift  

his drifting technique is performed by depressing the clutch pedal on approach or during turn in to a corner. The clutch is “popped” to give a sudden jolt through the driveline to upset rear traction, causing the power wheels to slip. Drifting is maintained by balancing the throttle.    

Shift Lock Drift 

This is performed by letting the revs drop on downshift into a corner and then releasing the clutch to put stress on the driveline to slow the rear tires inducing over steer. This is like pulling the E-brake through a turn, but this should be performed on wet ground to minimize damage to the driveline. Similar drifting technique to Clutch Kicking.  

Dirt Drop Drift 

This is performed by dropping the rear tires off the road into the dirt to maintain or gain drift angle without losing power or speed and to set up for the next turn. This technique is very useful for low horsepower cars. Do not attempt this technique at the drift practice/session.   

Feint Drift 

This is performed by rocking the car towards the outside of a turn and then using the rebound of the vehicle’s suspension to throw the car into the normal cornering direction. This is heavy rally racing technique used to change vehicle attitudes during cornering.   

Jump Drift 

In this technique the rear tire on the inside of a turn or apex is bounced over a curb to lose traction resulting in over steer. Do not attempt this technique at the drift practice/session.   

Braking Drift 

This is performed by trail braking into a corner. Loss of grip is obtained and then balanced through steering and throttle motions. This is mainly for medium to low speed corners.   

Long Slide Drift 

This is done by pulling the E-brake through a strait to start a high angel drift and to hold this to set up for the turn ahead. This technique can only be done at high speed.  

Swaying Drift

This is a slow side-to-side faint like drift where the rear end sways back and forth down a strait.

The Drift Technique

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Drifting Event Malaysia 2008

jebat drift competition

-organize by Persatuan Permotoran Melaka (PPM)
-support by Syncoptima & Feinto-D
-1 & 2 Nov 2008
-Stadium Hang Jebat, Melaka
-Judged by Ariff Johanis & Jane
-’Mat Cakap’ by Wanbragarage
-prize = TBA
-entry fees = TBA
-all drifter must wear helmet, shoe & long pant
-competition car must in best cond
-for reg pls reg here or call = En Razali 0146367736

elite speedway round 1

8 and 9 november 2008.

* National Level Championship
* Continuation from Malaysian Drift Challenge 2007
* Organized by Kelab Sukan bermotor Integerasi and Feinto – D
* Supported by Kementerian Belia & Sukan Malaysia.
* Event recognized by Motorsports Association of Malaysia MAM

Round 1 : Elite Speedway Circuit : 8 n 9 november 2008
Round 2 : Dungun , Terengganu : 21 Desember 2008

Prize Novice Category
1st place : rm 1000 + trophy + torco racing oils
2st place : rm 500 + trophy + Q8 oils
3rd place : rm 300 + trophy + Q8 oils
4th place : rm 200 + trophy + Q8 oils
best 8 : trophy

Prize Expert category
1st place : rm 3000 + trophy + torco racing oils
2st place : rm 2000 + trophy + torco racing oils
3rd place : rm 1000 + trophy + torco racing oils
4th place : rm 500 + trophy + Q8 oils
best 8 : trophy

Entry fees novice : rm 50 before 1 november and rm100 after
Entry fees Expert : rm 100 before 1 november and rm 150 after

for registration pls call.mr.loyai

ABOUT Sync Optima Sdn Bhd  

sync optima sdn bhd

We are getting drifters off the streets and giving them the opportunity to perfect their drifting skills in a safe and legal environment. These drift sessions are designed to maximize track time for drivers, as behind-the-wheel experience is the best way to learn. 

Drifting is the most exciting new form of motorsport that  has hit Malaysia in the past 3 years . The fact it already has a large, youth-oriented international following is a testament of its cultural significance and credible commercial appeal to the young public. 

“Off The Streets” opened its doors to the public on 11 March 2005, and is the first ever regularly scheduled drift session in a safe and legal environment in Malaysia. Sync Optima Sdn Bhd has organized support drift sessions for international race series like the Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS), Drift Exhibition for Sepang Drag Battle in Sepang International Circuit. Drifters ranging from beginners to experienced drifters will have the opportunity to perfect their drifting skills in a safe and legal environment. After the initial success of the first Drift Session, events were scheduled through the remainder of this year for a total of 160 drifters  have registered with us, creating the first regularly scheduled drifting event in Malaysia. 

On top of that, the drift sessions have  attracted more than 3000 drifting enthusiasts and spectators to witness the best motorsport entertainment ever.

Our Objectives:  

1) To have regularly scheduled drifting session and events in Malaysia

2) To expose the sports to general public

3) To build a drifting community for information sharing and knowledge gaining.

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