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Here with this post i would like to share some of the picture of the interior of Proton Perdana “Grand Limousin” or longer version of Perdana Executive for VIP. Sorry for the poor picture quality as i didn’t bring my Digital Camera along. This shot is taken by my cheap camera phone 1.3 Megapixel only. Overall the interior looks very stylish and fit like a luxury car of course.

The legroom is very generous and comfortable due to the longer version of Perdana V6. Complete with secondary air condition outlet for rear passenger and the drawer beside the speaker.

The center control panel for in car entertainment system for passenger. LCD screen + DVD Player.

The exclusive chrome door scuff plate for the Perdana Grand Limousin.


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9 Responses

  1. kej@m says:

    x cantik…design nampak simple…mcm design thun awl 90-an..

  2. D'Carbo says:

    ok la tu, not bad.. :D

  3. chiewwl says:

    very ‘old fashioned’ design….

    p1 didnt think out of box…..

  4. JTim says:

    Out of design. mula2, saya fikir dalam kereta proton saga lama tu.. Tidak ada lagi kreativiti ke? :) But I really love the Perdana V6.

  5. amir says:

    this is what we call malaysia design????

  6. cokeLat says:

    design xbape comel..xmenarik look like old style..,

  7. Norman says:

    Apehal pun gua tetap tunggu Perdana baru..Yang ini dah mcm lapuk dek zaman lah

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