honda elysion

USF-HICOM now bringing the Honda Elysion which is fully imported from Japan into Malaysia and available in 3 colours to choose between White, Grey and Black.
With an oval design, the “Elysion” affords passengers an uninterrupted view of surroundings.

honda elysion

Similarly, its low flat floor design, redesigned undercarriage and rear suspension combined with the largest passenger cabin height in its class – the “Elysion” affords comfortable seating for seven passengers. Large seats coupled with generous leg space in between each row of seats also gives passengers a clear view of external surroundings.

Other refined luxuries include dual power sliding doors for easy access to the second and third row seats; flexible seating configuration to allow for optimum passenger space or storage; and low centre of gravity to provide better handling and stability.

Below is the details and Specification of the Honda Elysion available in Malaysia:

honda elysion

Quad exhaust tail pipe Immobilizer & security alarm 
  Factory-fitted body kit (front / side / rear-bumper / tail-gate) 
  Factory-fitted 18” alloy wheels 
  HID low beam head lamp with auto-levelling 
  Front fog lamp 
  7-seater (2nd row captain seat) 
  Front large center console 
  HDD-Navi with reverse camera (includes DVD/CD player) 
  Rear entertainment 
  Leather seats seat heater 
  Steering control (audio) 
  2-side power sliding doors 
  Rear auto air-conditioner 
  Smart key system 
  Woody combination steering 
  Woody shift knob and console 
  Beige colour interior

honda elysion

Accessories and/or specifications of the model(s) shown here may vary and are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact your nearest USF Hicom dealer/distributor for detailed specification and equipment available.

Modified version of honda elysion image:

honda elysion modified

honda elysion modified

Honda Elysion 3.5L MPV 7 Seater Price

RM336,868.10 OTR

Honda Elysion 3.0L MPV 7 Seater Price

RM305,303.40 OTR

Honda Elysion 2.4L MPV 7 Seater Price

RM273,481.40 OTR
  TYPE:                             VG, HDD Navi Package  G Aero , HDD Navi Package 
  DRIVE TYPE:                Front wheel drive | Front wheel drive
  TRANSMISSION:         Electronice control 5-speed (auto) | Electronice control 5-speed (auto)
  FULL LENGTH (M):        4.845 | 4.845
  OVERALL WIDTH (M):  1.830 | 1.830
  OVERALL HEIGHT (M):  1.790 | 1.790
  WHEELBASE (M):            2.900 | 2.900
  GROUND CLEARANCE (M):  0.15 | 0.1
  VEHICLE WEIGHT (KG): 1,900 | 1,830
  SEATING CAPACITY:    2+2+3 | 2+2+3
  INTERIOR SIZE (M):     2.935/1.580/1.26 | 2.935/1.580/1.265
  ENGINE MODEL:           J30A | K24A
  TYPE OF ENGINE:        Water-cool | Water-cool
  STRUCTURE OF VALVE: 4 Valve – SOHC  | 4 Valve – DOHC 
  ENGINE CAPACITY (cm³): 2,997 | 2,345
  BORE & STROKE (mm):  86 x 86 | 87 x 99 
  COMPRESSION RATIO:  11.2 | 9.7
  FUELING DEVICE FORM: Electronic control fuel injection type | Electronic control fuel injection type 
  RECOMMENDED FUEL:    Lead-free premuim gasoline | Lead-free regular gasoline 
  BEST OUTPUT (Kw-PS/rpm*): 184 (250)/6,000 | 118 (160)/5,500
  GREATEST TORQUE:     309 (31.5)/5,000 218 | (22.2)/4,500 
  FUEL CONSUMPTION (KM/L)/10.15 MODE:  9.8 | 10.2
  TYRES:                            205/60R16 (92H) | 215/60R17 96H 
  BRAKES:                         Oil pressure-style ventilated disc/oil pressure type disc | Oil pressure-style ventilated disc/oil pressure type disc 
  SUSPENSION (FR/PR):  Double wishbone type | Double wishbone type 
  STABILIZER FORM (FRONT) : Torsion bar type | Torsion bar type


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29 Responses

  1. Mohammed Akhir says:

    I bought a brand new Honda Elysion (2.4L) some 4 months ago. Unlike my previous Honda Odyssey (RA6), this MPV lacks power and quite frequently now I have discovered a squesky noise coming from the power door (rear passenger). I am also quite disappointed with the support from the technical people (after sales). Until today, USF has not been able to reset the digital clock. This sounds like a joke after having spent a lot of money on this machine and this is a big disappointment.

  2. viknesh says:

    Honda Elysion is an old model which i dont understand why DRB is selling. i think the Odyssey is a better buy. Its also new and would see a new model after 5-6 years time. The Elysion is due for a change already. Is honda dumping their cars here for us to buy at high price? i hope not

  3. Kenny says:

    Sad to hear that DRB is unable to solve the Honda Elysion’s problem, btw, may i know where can we locate theri workshop for Honda elysion service and repair?

  4. Rigs says:

    I wonder why USF is not customising the Japanese audio visual panel for local use when accesories shop are able to do it easily. It’s a small price for USF to pay compared to the offer price of the MPV and it will make it easier for potential buyers to decide on the purchase.

  5. WILLIAM KOH says:

    How much prices selling by DRB for Honda Elysion model 2.4L ?
    P/s provide the 2007-2008 year in black colour is available now ?

  6. amirul says:

    anyone here can give me the opinion regrading this car? Actually, i’m ready to make a big spent for this machine…

  7. marcel dornellas says:

    I had this minivan for over 3 years now, its a excellent car… I would buy it again….LOVE IT!

  8. Abd halim says:

    Salam,,,,, tolong beri pendapat tuan-tuan kepada saya, Kerana saya bercadang nak beli MPV antara elysion 2009 @ estima 2009.
    Saya telah survey ,
    elysion 2009 RM 140k (full spec)
    estima 2009 RM 158k (tidak full spec)

    Antara kedua-duanya, yg mana senang nak senggara dan mudah alatganti
    Terima kasih atas jawapan

  9. mamu says:

    I had 1 major problem..Elysion 3.5…asc light on..MBS light on..can’t reset..reset it will back..can some one help me..were should i do n i go to clear all indentificatio..please someone help me

  10. hotpotato says:

    i m interested in buying a second hand elysion2008/2009 model .Is it good without any probelms..After sales service etc ?? Parts ?
    Pls advise your feedbacks

  11. kdi says:

    2nd hand car has no after sales. all maintenance on your own.

  12. Cherry says:

    i nak beli elysion yang baru ada ke sape jual? spare parts camne mudah ke mau cari. i just love honda.

  13. Asman says:

    Bagi saya, sparepart elysion masih mudah didapati & harga berpatutan… Bnyk persamaan part dengan honda odyssey… Bagi yg memerlukan HDD navigator boleh hubungi saya… Tq…

  14. shah says:

    Asman: Saya memerlukan HDD navigator untuk Elysion Prestige. 012 4266117

  15. Mohd Faizal Ahmad says:

    Asman: Bole bg contact no tak

  16. akim says:

    ad tak kat msia club utk elysion ni?? kalau ada nak jgk join…bkn ape…snang nk cari [email protected] part..leh bincang2..
    sy bdk TRG tp tgl kat SELANGOR.. klu ada whatsapp sy : 0199510038

  17. datok ku ku says:

    Saya pun nak beli elysion ni nak tanya pendapat spare part mudah dapat x?

  18. sham says:

    elysion saya ada prblem kat reserve camera,mounting,lwer arm. ada sesiapa yg boleh info kat mana boleh dapt spare part dan workshop yg ok utk repair elysion tak?
    asman- need yr ctc no- shamsuri 0198331611

  19. Ahmad says:

    What’s the difference between elysion n and prestige? Other than the looks of the front grill. Appreciate if someone can explain, before I buy one

  20. Lim Yew Boo says:

    Hi there,

    Where can I get parts for a Honda Elysion 2.4L Auto in Kuala Lumpur.
    Thank you.

  21. Khairul Azam Bin Rahmad says:

    Bagainana nak menghubungi encik Asman di atas utk HDD Navigator?
    khairuul 0122705296

  22. RK says:



  23. Jeffry says:

    En Asman..kindly PM for hdd navigator

  24. Zakaria Ishat says:

    En Asman..kindly PM for HDD navigator ( 019 3055645 )

  25. Shaharuddin Zainuddin says:

    Ada sesiapa yang dapat hubungi Asman?

  26. Sebastian TAN says:

    Can anyone give feedback on the HDD from Asman? interested too join the forum as well but not sure where to find? Thanks and salam damai

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