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tornado fuel saver

There are several type of fuel saving solution and device to decrease your car’s fuel consumption. But now, we at KDI interested in testing the fuel saver called air swirler or known as CYCLONE and TORNADO.

Basically, this type of fuel saving device function with same concept that is create the vortex of air (vortex generator) in the car engine intake system, speed up the air flow so that the amount of air mixed in the throttle body or carburator with fuel is more thus increasing the percentage of combustion.

Read below details about cyclone and tornado.

Sorry because actually there is another type of air swirler facts here before but the company asked us to remove the article for the reason of they cannot make business and don’t want user to give bad comments so we remove it.

Cyclone II / Beerclone / Tornado

cyclone fuel saver

Cyclone Fuel Saver
Our main goal has always been to provide state-of-the-art solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs. As part of this objective, we are very excited to offer the Cyclone Fuel Saver, which will bring to you such benefits as:

Money savings
More miles per gallon
More horse power
Reduction in pollutants
The Cyclone Fuel Saver is a device manufactured with high-quality stainless steel, which can be easily installed into the air intake hose of gas and diesel engines.
The Cyclone Fuel Saver, with its patented fins, creates an air twister, which, at the same time, produces a powerful spinning vortex of air that mixes air and fuel together in the combustion chamber more efficiently.

As the air swirler swirling effects help to atomize the mixture of air and fuel better when it is exposed to the ignition, the fuel will be burned better and more effectively, resulting in bigger money savings.

The Cyclone Fuel Saver doesn’t have moving parts and is completely maintenance-free. It will last for the life of the vehicle.

device does is it shortens the distance you have to press the pedal to accelerate. Interesting enough, you need to be accelerate above 3000rpm to ‘activate’ it. Once you get the hang of it, its pretty easy to redline. The accelerator pedal feels more responsive due to the fact that it now takes slight pressure on the pedal as oppose to without a Cyclone.


We test it on a carburetor and Fuel Injection Car which is Perodua Kancil and Proton Wira SE.

For the carburator engine, we have the first design like below. Which is the “blade” is folded just like beer clone fuel saver design made of pepsi tin. To install this beer clone, we need to have a new set of intake system for the kancil which consists of Intake Piping and Open Pod Type Air Filter. Then we install it neer to the air filter.

surbo diy

The result is great! You can feel more pickup because you can easily push the throttle to red line in just a few seconds. Note that we have tested the open pod air filter without the beer clone and it cannot produce as much power when you use the beerclone/cyclone.


The same effect happened on the fuel injection car when usually we ram up the rpm and let it go quickly, the engine will shut off because of sudden reduce in RPM. With the cyclone installed, the engine never shut off in any condition and the RPM easily increased to readline with shorter time.



Then we try to use different type of design which nearly same with the air swirler fuel saver. The “blade” is smoother and less in number of blade but long.

Our First try shows that the car was like choking. Or maybe not enough of air or maybe too much of air causing it to improper mixing of the fuel and air. No matter how far we push the throttle, it cannot go more like usual. maybe this is just because of not accurate design of blade etc. But we belive that this things doesnt work best compare to cyclone.

How About the fuel efficiency when using cyclone?

We noticed that there is same or more fuel consumption when we use the cyclone in any condition (including light foot driving style and cruising). Meaning that the cyclone fuel saver did not give us any fuel efficiency instead of more fuel to burn per kilometer. This shows that the cyclone / tornado function is just for upgrading your car’s performance but not as a fuel saving device.

It is true for what they claimed that this fuel saving device can get you to higher speed with lower gear and go to the red line of engine rpm with lesser time. Because this device is mainly to suck more air faster and also more fuel to burn to produce more power output.

Its a simple rule. If you need something, you need to sacrifice something. If you need performance, you need to sacrifice fuel efficiency. =)

There is so much diy cyclone sell around malaysia and you can get it at lelong.com.my or you can do it yourself just to try this thing.

If you have tried it, why don’t you leave a comment here to share what is your experience using this air swirler fuel saver. If the results is good in term of performance and fuel efficient, you can share with us how you do it and let all the readers get the benefits together as we need to help ourself in coping with higher fuel price now.

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7 Responses

  1. amir says:

    i already try sume cyclone device made by some pakcik some where in kedah. the result is more power with good throttle respon but not in fuel consumption, it’s realy enjoy driving with it but not for your pocket.

  2. I just made a very2 simple air swirler type DIY. It was just like you said. more power can feel almost instantly.

    about the fuel consumption, I’ll give more feedback later.
    I use proton savvy which is different in some engine stuff compared to other malaysian cars. there are a lot of savocian (savvy owners club members) DIYed the cyclone just like this. from simplest design to somewhat freaking design. all of them claimed more power and mileage gain.

    I dont know what car did U use to test the device.

    Actually. the device is placed before MAF sensor. therefore, it is possible that the ECU mix in more fuel for more air sucked into the engine.

  3. kdi says:

    ok, if you have a good results in terms of both performance and fuel efficiency, please share with us how and what makes you did it successfully.

  4. exoranaga says:

    I used type of cyclone on waja for 6 years (they said proton produced this type of cyclone – year 2000, bought only RM70) . Frankly speaking, without this cyclone i feel my waja powers like ‘pondan’ and not much different towards fuel consumption. Tested also on Exora and still came with same result. Also install ori cyclone on myvi and no changing in FC but suppliying alot of powers. Anyway, it is true you can feel the power.

  5. fordthrothle says:

    Yup…agree with u knopix…
    Feeling je yg rasa mcm laju…
    psycho je…

  6. Ek.. i forgot to reply on this topic.

    erm..actually, yup.. I agree to whats written in this website.

    tornado or whatevado is placed before MAF sensor. therefore More air sucked in, More fuel injected as well.
    Result 1) no changes in fuel consumption.

    But to say that you can get to redline with half the throttle, might be true. because more air can get inside slipping through the throttle butterfly opening (because the air movement is swhirling).
    Result 2) press the throttle only a bit but more air & fuel can be burn.

    that was when Low RPM, but on the peak/high RPM, the probability for the device to be just as an obstacle to the airflow is higher. thus, just like the website i mentioned above said, peak tork/hp might be reduced. so,
    result 3) might feel the power in low RPM but might lose power on high RPM.

    For knoppix, u might not feel the power even in low rpm maybe because u put the device before something else that can interupt the swhirling air. (putting the device before the air filter, for example)

  7. Eric Tang says:

    So, where can I get this Cyclone in KL or Selangor?

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