Custom body kit wide version may cost more money, effort and time. By using this universal custom wide body wheel arches fender flares, you can easily fit the wide body fender flares with minimum time and money. Just buy it, screw it and paint it.


custom wide body fender wheel arc body kit

The flared fenders can be bought at only around RM 250 which can fit most old skool cars like Toyota KE, conpact car like perodua Viva and sedan cars like Proton Saga Blm Fl Flx. It can be adjusted to fit the wheel arches. The material is FRP fiber.


wheel arches custom fender flares wide body kit universal



custom wheel arc fender flare wide body modified cars

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67 Responses

  1. Teh says:

    Hi, im interesting on this wheel arch
    And it use on avanza 06? Please pm tq
    Prefer hp sms reply

  2. James Martin says:

    Will these fit 2011 mustang gt, fenders look sick !!!!

  3. Syaqir says:

    Do u ppl hv viva fender just like the pict above? Pls pm via email…

  4. mohamad aizad says:

    how i wnna buy this universal fender for my perodua viva???plz pm me 0125515085

  5. Simon Chung says:

    Hi…would you be kind enough to pm me on the universal fender for my mercedes. my mobile 0123788820.Thanks

  6. joseph says:

    How i can buy this universal fender? Pm to my e-mail.. Tq

  7. pqhd says:

    salam n hi,
    berminat sangat pd produk ni.
    mane boleh dapat?

  8. delton says:

    Hi… pls pm me on universal fender for Toyota AE90. my mobile 010-9651806. Thanks.

  9. Rafael says:

    pm to my email for viva. thanks

  10. Amad says:

    Pls pm me for exora

  11. Dedy Yoi says:

    Pm me wheel arch for alza if you have it.thanks

  12. Andy says:

    Email me for perodua alza on which fender size to use : 3 prices, (1) price for Cash and carry (2) Price that includes installation (3) Price that includes installation and paintworks

  13. james says:

    Perdana have? Please sms me0122958528

  14. amar says:

    How i can buy this universal fender? Pm to my e-mail.. Tq
    vios 07,my car

  15. antonis says:

    hi , i am interested on these, please contact me

  16. antonis says:

    hi, please contact me for these fenders

  17. Anthonius says:

    Pm me for alza…tq

  18. Mike says:

    Pls pm for 190E MB .

  19. leonard says:

    I need flares for alza. Please contact me urgent. 0178811397

  20. akmal says:

    mana nk dpt arch nie

  21. Jon says:

    PM contact. Interested on the fender flares.

  22. Kamil says:

    bro, saya nk Custom Wheel Arch untuk Lotus Exige S V6. boleh tlg contact tak? nak explain. urgent. sebab nak prepare utk race di Macau. please help.

  23. Kamil says:

    lupa nk bagi number telephone.

    019-3897103. whatsapp ye. thanks

  24. mokhlis says:

    still available tak? 019 9916449

  25. mokhlis says:

    sorry silap number. 013 9916449

  26. Zul says:

    Location pls.. suitable for almera?.. 0126744800

  27. Syed says:

    Location please! Does it fit my 190e mercedes? 1987-1991

  28. reno boyd says:

    Bro..ada Tak fender flare untuk isuzu dmax 2012..berapa cost..please let me know..TQ..

  29. Yus says:

    bro..utk alza ade tak? 0162086887

  30. Zul says:

    Bos untuk viva masuk kah?boleh kol 0148617720

  31. wan jb says:

    hi.. i nk cr wheel arch utk iswara
    this my no
    wasup @ col 0137957915

  32. farhan says:

    Suzuki swift 05-12 ada x wheel arch ni. Kalau ada call 0123428148. Thanks

  33. che bob says:

    hi, saya nak cari arch wheel untuk alza, kalau ada sila call saya. 017-3264499, tq

  34. ben says:

    does it fit an old model saga? Watssapp 0127451525

  35. karl says:

    can fit to waja? watapps 012-860 1960

  36. aris says:

    Saya berminat, beri alamat. Saya pasang untuk subaru gc8. Email me

  37. Charles says:

    Nak padang kat L2. To long pm

  38. Cybernet600 says:

    Hello, I am interested in the universal fender flares. What is the cost of one set for a 2014 Proton Persona Elegance? please either email me or watsapp: 0138101424

  39. Buden Alfonso says:

    Bro..pls send information on how to buy from you. Email or whatsapp me @ 0128907707

  40. kash says:

    Please email to me the info for costum or universal wheel arches for Honda odyssey rb1

  41. leslie says:

    Hi…do u have the suitable flares for Mira pm me ur tel no.. This is mine 0168963986… Whatsapp available.tq

  42. Ejaz Sarwar says:

    Hi! I am restoring classic 1973 Mitsubishi Galant Colt in Sri Lanka. Can you be please kind enough to suggest about fender flares, Side Flares & Front spoiler? Will this universal ones fit in my car? I can send you pictures of car for your reference by email or Whatsapp.
    Awaiting your prompt & positive reply.
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Ejaz Sarwar.

  43. Mohd Hedir says:

    please email info about CUSTOM WHEEL ARCHES FENDER FLARES UNIVERSAL WIDE BODY KIT, where can i find it.

  44. jams says:

    hi….im very interested about this item and i want to put on my corolla ae92…pls pm..tq…prefer hp sms:0135458015

  45. Shahril says:

    Hello, I am interested in the universal fender flares. What is the cost of one set for a 2008 Proton Persona? please either email me or watsapp: 0122630001

  46. lee says:

    want to buy, kindly email or [email protected]

  47. eleslie says:

    avanza 09… kindly email or whatsapp [email protected]

  48. AZAM says:

    Utk Kancil Ada? Dan Berapa Harga?
    +6013-373-9809 (Whatsapp)

  49. Hamiz says:

    Sedang mencari full skirting & fender untuk kelisa. Pls whatsapp 0129140224

  50. Koo tian wei says:

    Bro. How can i buy this fender flare for my saga flx? Where i can get it?

  51. Arepul says:

    Saya berminat mencarik fender viva sekira nye ada lg blh msg sye 01123453693

  52. joseph says:

    Saya berminat dengan fander flare…untuk myvi masih ada tak? Sekiranya masih ada whatsapp me 0168522431

  53. Darien says:

    Fender ni untuk kelisa brapa? Email tq.

  54. Ejal Haqim says:

    Hi, im interested in this universal fender flares for my Suzuki Swift 1.5 zc21 model year 2010. Pls pm quotation if available 0104252080 / via email

  55. Lye says:

    Pm for fender flares for alza plz..i really interested

  56. Raj says:

    Got fender for Alza? pls pm me 0163116935

  57. erenzo says:

    pm custom fender for perodua viva

  58. ronny says:

    Pm saga flx…0137180449

  59. ahwei says:

    fenders viva . pm me. .i need that 01119835502

  60. Moorthy says:

    Berminat Fender Flare WhatsApp Saya Bos

  61. sam ooi says:

    hi i like to get 1 set , where can i get it for datsun 110 pickup & toyota seg 1997 model , thank you.
    ols pm 0122733192

  62. Kama says:

    Fander flare for myvi 2008….. pm 0134604860

  63. amir says:

    pm custom fender flare for kelisa.. 0122010441

  64. amir says:

    looking for custom fender flare for kelisa.. pm me – 0122010441

  65. syed says:

    How Mach for those wheel arcs., via mail

  66. Moorthy says:

    Hi Syed u got WhatsApp..?
    Send u WhatsApp no we will update for u..

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