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    Automatic or Manual Gear Transmission Car? That is most probably the first question when you want to buy a new car. There are many factors affected the decision of choosing auto or manual car. So here we are going to discuss together which one is better. By the way, there still be some advantages and disadvantages using manual or auto transmission.



    I myself have the experience of using both transmission and just want to share some of the info here. And we are talking about most popular 4 speed automatic transmission vs 5 speed manual transmission currently.

    The advantages and disadvantages of manual and automatic transmission:

    Why choose manual transmission car?


    – More fuel efficient – as it has 5 speed to control the RPM below efficient range of fuel consumption. Average of 10% more fuel efficient than auto gear.

    – More control of gears by driver. Can be manually adjusted the RPM range easily to be on the range of best performance of torque and horsepower. All about performance, it is better than auto transmission.

    – Easy to maintain and cost efficient. Manual transmission also offered in cheaper price than auto transmission.

    – More feel of driving a cars when you like to change the gears manually like race car.

    – Can be started by pushing the car and jumper cables when your battery is low and cannot be start. While auto car cannot be started by pushing the car. 

    Video of Manual VS Automatic Transmission cars with same car model. The perfomance of manual beats the auto car.

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4WrnT1Qb9k 425 344]

    Video of How Manual Transmission Works :

      [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD03S8Ej4I4 425 344]



    Why choose Automatic transmission Car?


     – The main point is, easy to drive and have smooth & relax driving style.

    – Fast response – gear changes are much quicker, and power delivery is much smoother, making them much better for stop-start style driving.

    – Easy to drive in town and heavy traffic jam. No need to be busy and just relax pressing the breaks or shifting auto gears to neutral easily.

    – With an automatic transmission, there is always power to the wheels while With a manual transmission, you must push in the clutch and disengage the power from the engine to shift gears.  

    – Always in a safe RPM range. The auto transmission will control and select the gear to be in safe RPM range which will prolong your engine life.

    – Have an intelligent gear selection. If you need to start while going up a hill. You cannot easily roll back into a vehicle that is close behind you like manual cars.

     – Less distraction. You can concentrate on driving and see the scenery without distraction to shift your gears in any condition.

    – Can cope with more advance gearing technologies such as CVT, tiptronic etc. In the future, the manual transmission car will be reduced and the auto gear with several technologies that can overcome the problem of auto transmission now will be produced more.

    Video of How Automatic Transmission Works on a car:

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Yuycn43QAg 425 344]


    Generally, An automatic transmission (commonly “AT” or “Auto”) is an automobile gearbox that can change gear ratios automatically as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually. Similar but larger devices are also used for heavy-duty commercial and industrial vehicles and equipment.

    While A manual transmission (also known as a ‘manual’ or ‘stick shift’) is a type of transmission used in automotive applications. It generally utilizes a driver-operated clutch operated by a pedal or lever, for regulating torque transfer from the engine to the transmission, and a gear-shift either operated by hand (as in a car) or by foot (as on a motorcycle).


    So what is your opinion about auto vs manual transmission? Share your experience here! =)

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    48 Responses

    1. itik says:

      YEAH.. 1st to post.. huray! ME AUTO.. coz lazy

    2. aku pakai auto…
      tapi best lg manual..ble racing!!..

    3. mr.eims says:

      how about explaining about,
      automated manual transmission (AMT) vs Semi Auto. which is in AT Catagory.
      plus the latest AMT technology – zeroshift.. ehheh…

      i’m a proud proton savvy AMT user, :)

    4. kdi says:

      mr eims,

      that one we will discuss on upcoming topic which will cover all the tecnologies under Auto transmission.

      back to the topic, auto 4 speed vs manual 5 speed? For me i prefer auto 4 speed coz tired to race already.. haha.

    5. Niemans says:

      The technology have advanced considerably for auto transmission. Look at the VW Golf GTI who uses one of the world’s best tranny in DSG. It shift faster than humans doing manual shift even with short shifter.

      For me it is still manual until I can afffort the Golf GTI.

    6. awg1031 says:

      manual for me..safer in emergency braking by shifting to low gears..but also love auto for city driving..on highway, manual for me..

    7. azhari othman says:

      good knowledge.

      Exora………….where yours manual version. More power than auto. more fuel efficient. less maintainance. Not use in town only for long journey esp balik kampung.

      Haiiya….. very lambat la………

    8. john says:

      Manual for me because of fuel economy & performance. The most important thing is we can select which gear we want. The problem with auto trans is it will downshift or upshift when you want to hold the gear longer. Manual trans gives me more confident during overtaking

    9. Joko says:

      berkaitan penggunaan minyak pada pengalaman aku,

      Untuk kereta Auto CC yg besar 1.6 keatas rasanya, tak ada beza pun, sebab tak perlu tekan minyak kuat pun untuk menggerakkan kereta. Tapi kalau cc rendah seperti kancil 850 atau 660, rasa aku yg auto agak lebih kuat sikit minyaknya (FC) dibanding dengan manual. Tak tahulah pendapat orang lain..

    10. john says:

      Have to disagree with you Joko. I drive a Perdana V6 which is a 2000 cc car. The fuel consumption for even a Perdana converted to twin turbo manual is much better than an auto Perdana V6. This is especially true during traffic jams.

    11. Joko says:


      Mines is different lah John, I have Waja 1.6 manual and MPV Grand lavina 1.6 Auto.. me and my wife drive to work both car, I let my wife use that MPV, tapi bila isi minyak aku jer lah sorang, but its okey at lease aku tahu mana yg telan kuat minyak. The distance almost the same. Fuel pun sama gak. May be that MPV is still new (2 bulan ma) so FC dia still okey kut.. emm Perdana 2.0 may be lain sikit kut.

    12. Norman says:

      Manual,sedap bila takda jam,Naik bukit curam,Highway,murah untuk maintain.Tak sedap kena banyak traffic lights,Jams dan stop kat bukit

      Auto,Jam ke stop kat bkt tak kisah.Lebih2 lagi kalau CVT 5-6 Speed dah rasa mcm manual plak.Kaki dan tangan kiri tak lengoh.
      Tak sedap maintain kecuali kerap tukar ATF,Harga mahal dari manual,Pick up tak sebaik manual kecuali turbo version.Minyak lebih sikit je untuk enjin modern.

    13. Joko says:


      Macam kes aku ni , kengkadang tersasul gak kaki kiri ni nak tekan pedal masa sampai kat tol, yg jenis auto, pedal terdekat break dia lah. Apa lagi menyungkam gak kepala aku kedepan bila tertekan kuat pada break.

    14. eddy says:

      auto lg senang, skrg ni semua jln kwsn bandar memang jem

    15. Joko says:

      Yup, tak dinafikan, memandu dengan gear auto amat berkesan dan tidak memenatkan dlm keadaan jln yg sesak. Kalau takat mendaki nak keluar smart tunnel tak perlu tarik handbrake, kereta pun tak menggelongsor kebelakang, main break ngan minyak ajer… Begitu juga kalau nak keluar simpang, lebih mudah pakai auto sebab tak yah tergocoh2 nak tukar ke gear dua..

    16. Norman says:

      Contoh terbaik tak payah cari Glf GTI ngan DSG tu,Savvy AMT dia punye pelesit boleh tahan…

    17. Norman says:

      Lagi satu mana nak cari auto stick cover untuk jenis Proton campro mcm dlm gambar atas tu??

    18. awg1031 says:

      ala, auto pun bley main gear ape..kn ade dari L,2,3,D..bole aje nek genting..

    19. mr.eims says:

      sekarang sume menuju ke auto transmisi dah.
      maybe masa depan, keta racing @ keta utk org yg berjiwa racing je amek keta manual.
      ataupun masa depan, kalau nk bli keta manual, kena tempah. sebab car manufacturer mainly buat keta auto je,.
      masa tu transmisi auto dah leh overcome kelemahan transmisi auto sekarang.

      ni cuma pandangan aku je..
      masa aku kje kt taiwan, almost all vehicles are auto transmission.

    20. I have to say i choose an auto steptronic for my BMW because here in miami specially miami beach and south beach there is a lot of heavy traffic. So a manual transmission would be a pain in the ass to drive around here!

    21. erika says:

      well i use manual car..
      save minyak tu mmg diakui la..
      performance pun good..
      tp biler saty in KL..
      ngan traffic jammednya lagi..
      rs mcm best je kalo guna auto..

      actually ade pron n kontranya gk kan

    22. Eder says:

      erm…bg ak manual n auto de kelebihan t’sendiri…bg yg b’jiwa muda cam ak ni manual de kepuasan sbb kte yg m’gawal kelajuan kereta…bg auto yg m’gawal adlh tekanan minyak…klau nk memotong kete lain, manual lebih confident berbnding ngan auto…nk pickup n top speed manual r..kalu jln sesak auto lbh mudah x de pening kpale nk change gear…dr segi minyak, manual mmg t’bukt lbh save b’bnding auto…dr segi p’yelenggaraan lbh kurang je, manual bile clutct plate dh bis wajib kne gnti klau x merane r….auto plak kne jge minyak auto je, cukup mse gnti….klau rase nk bwk laju n nkkn kepuasan gne manual..yg jenis mlas tekan clutc (ckp je x teri bwk manual) gne le auto….klau nk manual auto gune le savvy AMT(manual dia same cam bwk kete rally)….. ikut hak masing2….tp yg ak tau nk test JPJ wktu bik lesen gne manual….nape x gne auto….pikir sediri..???? tp MANUAL ttp di Hati gua……….PEACE

    23. Daemon says:

      gear manual lg bagus,takde la nampak malas sangat, tp kalau 2.0l keatas ok la pakai gear auto ok tp jenama luar la …..

    24. penyukura says:

      previously i drive auto then shift to manual.better manual..but it takes me a mont to adjust my legs and the pedals….moreover i ve to put tats ‘P” sign again to avoid plp honk cuz failure of balancing the clutch…..now im expert alredy….hehehhehehe

    25. Joker's Clown says:

      Performance? Manual
      Practicality? Auto
      Fuel consumption? Manual…. but i think it differs on individual driving-style.Plus,we have numerous eco-friendly car already.

      I choose practicality (^^,)

    26. akulah says:

      hari2 naik keta pegi balik keje + jln jem = auto
      selain dr di atas = manual laaa
      rajin malas tu xyah ckp la.
      kalu pakai auto pn malas gak xtau arr
      (kes jadi kepala ketapi kat line kanan)
      ok gak auto tapi kena tgk gak keta pe.
      dr segi shifting, kalu auto tu cekap detect respon dr kaki kita ok la
      tapi kalu thegeh2 sampai kna hon baru auto dia tukar downshift baik manual la.
      auto dlm vios kira responsive la.
      cekap ms mmotong.
      myk save je.
      kalo myk jimat tp bln2 kna pose baik xpyh.
      tgk keperluan la.
      mcm aku dok kuarters xpyh drive pagi2, drive kaki je, aku pakai manual
      utk balik kampung dgn gi bli goreng pisang ptg2..hehe

    27. kamal says:

      aku suka manual…
      aku bwk kte imprt auto 1.8 ada shiftronic lagi…tp cmpared 2 1.8 manual jauh bes bwk manual…
      x de kepuasan bg aku kalu auto…juz my sposen la..eheheh

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