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We have searching around internet and collecting some facts or info about new tyre price list in Malaysia. There are 2 section where section one display the latest cheapest tyres you can get in RM from tyre size 13″ to tyre size 16″ while the 2nd section will display new tyre price list with brand, location and tyre size 14″, 15″, 16″ and size 17″ tyres.

We collect this lists and share with all kdi readers for your guidance to buy new tyres in Malaysia.

For those who need to calculate the actual and correct size for changing your new tyre size with rim size and the effect to your speed reading on speedometer, you can use the special calculator at www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html to see what happens to your speedometer reading when you change the size of your tires and wheels. The graphic shows your stock tire selection in an outline overlaid on your new tire selection.



cheapest new tyres prices lists latest update tyre size harga tayar baru malaysia


 New tyre 165-60-13 (falken 522)
RM 120  

 175-70-13 new tyre
RM 95  



   New tyre 165-55-14 (falken 326)
RM 125  
 185-60-14 new tyre
RM 120  

  195-50-15 new tyre
RM 130  

 165-55-14 new tyre
RM 115  


  New tyre 195-50-15 (falken 522)
RM 145  

   New tyre 195-55-15 (falken 522)
RM 155  

  195-55-15 new tyre offer
RM 135 

 195-50-15 new tyre offer

RM 130 

 195-55-15 new tyre offer
RM 135 



   New tyre 205-50-16 (falken 522)
RM 240

  New tyre 205-45-16 (falken 522)
RM 228  

 215-55-16 new tyre
RM 215  

  205-45-16 new tyre offer
RM 170  


latest update tyre size harga tayar baru murah di malaysia

195/55 R15
Falken ZIEX-912 – 2 X RM185/pc @ HupShun SS3 (Jan 09) inclusive balancing + valves * no CC surcharge
185/65 R14
Yokohama A Drive – RM160/pc @ MTE Air Itam, Penang (Jan 2009)
Hankook Ventus V8RS – RM128 wif trade in (Dec 2008)

Falken ZIEX-912 – RM145/pc @ Hup Shun (Dec 2008) + RM20 for 4 valves & alignment…
Yokohama A.drive AA01 – RM135/pc @ Hin Leong, Klang (Dec 2008)
Continental CC1 – RM135/[c @Eng Cheep Tyres,Batu 11, Jalan Kapar,Kapar
Bridgestone RE001 – RM295 @ Hup Hin, Pulau Tikus Penang (Dec 2008)
Falken ZIEX-912 – 2 X RM185/pc @ HupShun SS3 (Jan 09) inclusive balancing + valves * no CC surcharge
Falken ZIEX-912 – RM185 @ Melaka (Dec 2008)
Falken ZIEX-912 – RM165 @ Jooi Seng, Klang (Dec 2008)
Falken ZIEX-912 – RM165 @ Hin Leong, Klang (Dec 2008)
GoodYear Eagle F1 – RM220 @ Heng Meng Bt Caves (Dec 2008) *inclusive balancing + allignment
Hankook V12 Evo – RM180 @ Jooi Seng, Klang (Dec 2008) *cash and carry, inclusive balancing + installation = RM200
Hankook V12 Evo – RM210 @ C&C, Taman Medan, Old Klang Road (Dec 2008)

Falken ZIEX-912 – RM175 @ Hin Leong, Klang (Dec 2008)

BS AR10 – RM310 @ Mica BM (Nov 08)
Yokohama A Drive R1 (AR01) – RM280 @ Banlihin Tire & Batteries Sdn Bhd, Tmn Johor Jaya JB (May 08)
falken 912 – RM 290 – JB – Soh brothers – Tmn Daya (dec 08)
falken fk 452 – RM 460 – JB – Bridgestone Tmn U (dec 08)
Falken ST115 RM 295 Ban Hooi, Klang (Jan 09)
Falken ST115 RM 230 Special offer package (at least 2) Hock Li Klang (jan 09)
Falken Ze 912 RM 245 Hock Li Klang (Jan 09)
bridgestone re 001 adrenalin – RM 490 – JB – Bridgestone Tmn U (dec 08)
bridgestone gr80 – RM 450 – JB – Bridgestone Tmn U (dec 08)
bridgestone ar10 – RM 320 – JB – Bridgestone Tmn Bukit Indah (dec 08)
goodyear f1 – RM 330 – JB – Soh brothers – Tmn Daya (dec 08)
hankook v8 rs – RM 370 – JB – Hankook – Tmn Mutiara Rini (dec 08)
toyo proxes t1r – RM 370 – JB – Toyo – Tmn Rinting (dec 08)
michelin pilot preceda2 – RM 450 – JB – Michelin – Tmn Johor (dec 08)
michelin mxv8 – RM 420 – JB – Michelin – Tmn Johor (dec 08)
bf goodrich g force sport – RM 360 – JB – Michelin – Tmn Johor (dec 08)

Falken ZIEX-912 – RM280 @ Stamford Glenmarie (Dec 2008) No CC surcharge and free alignment & balancing x 3

Hankook v12 – rm295 @ TMK II, Rawang (Dec2008)

Falken ST115 – RM350 @ hupshun Sunway (May-July 2008)

Yokohama S-Drive – RM390 Hup Shun Sunway (Dec 2008)
Falken ZIEX-912 (THAI) – RM300 @ Ban Hooi, Klang (Dec 2008
Falken Azenis ST115 – RM360 Stamford Tyre, Shah Alam (Dec 2008)
Nankang NSII Ultra Sport – RM198 @ Kedai Papan, Klang (Dec 2008)

latest update tyre size harga tayar murah di malaysia

Barum BRAVURIS – Rm175 QuickSave USJ7
BFGoodrich G-Sport Sport – Rm190 EW (Michelin) Seremban 2
Bridgestone MY-01 – Rm150 Tek Ming Sunway
Bridgestone Potenza G3 – Rm220 QuickSave USJ7
COntinental CC1 – Rm159 Kulai, JB
COntinental – Rm133 Tek Ming Sunway
Goodyear Eagle F1 – Rm155 Tek Ming Sunway
Goodyear F1 GSD 3 – Rm200 QuickSave USJ7
Goodyear NCT 5 – Rm126 Tek Ming Sunway
Michelin PP2 – Rm205 Klang
Silverstone FTZ Rm120 Tek Ming Sunway
Sime Astra 300 – Rm115 Tek Ming Sunway
Toyo Trampio (JAPAN) Rm 140 Tek Ming Sunway
Yokohama A520 – Rm138 Tek Ming Sunway

Barum Bravis – Rm130 Klang
Barum Bravuris Rm170. -Jb
BFGoodrich g-force Sport – Rm195 EW (Michelin) Seremban 2
Bridgestone MY-01 – Rm180 Hin Leong Klang
Bridgestone ER30 – Rm170 QuickSave USJ7
Continental CC1 RM165 -Klang- Hock Li -10/06
Continental CC1 Rm190/230 –JB
Dunlop D01 ?Rm 135 ?10/06
Falken 326 – RM170 – Hin Leong
Falken ST115 – Rm220 Hin Leong Klang 10/06( balancing)
Falken ST115 – Rm230 Hin Leong Klang
Goodyear F1 – Rm195 klang
Goodyear F1 GSD3 – RM200(incl bal& align) – Ching/EBH tyre, Jln Gombak
Goodyear F1 GSD3 – Rm210 QuickSave USJ7
Goodyear F1 GSD3 – Rm220 Hawk Tire, Tmn. Sentosa JB, 12Sep
Goodyear NCT5 – Rm140 Hin Leong klang
Hankook Ventus Blackbird – RM159 – Sunway (with trade-in)
Hankook Ventus Blackbird – RM170 – Klang
Michelin Pilot Preceda – Rm200 Klang (trade in, alight+balance)
Michelin Pilot Preceda 2 – Rm210 Hin Leong Klang (price for 4pc)
Michelin Pilot Preceda 2 – Rm210 Klang (tyre only)
Michelin Pilot Preceda 2 – Rm228 Quick-Save
Michelin Pilot Preceda 2 – Rm230 QuickSave USJ7
Michelin Pilot Preceda 2-Rm235 ,EW (Michelin) Seremban2
Michelin PP2 – RM210 – Hin Leong
Michelin PP2 – RM235 – Ban Hooi
Silverstone NS Kruizer 1 Rm162 JB.
Silverstone Kruizer NS500 – Rm140 Hin Leong Klang
Silverstone Kruizer NS700 – Rm155 Silverstone Kulai, Johor
Sime Astar A300 Rm170 JB
Sime Astar A300 Rm135-Klang-Hock Li-10/06
Sime Astar Prima – Rm150 QuickSave USJ7
Toyo T1-R – Rm250 Shah Alam
Yokohama AD07 – Rm290 Seremban
Yokohama ES100 – Rm195 klang
Yokohama Neova AD07 – RM250 – Hin Leong
Yokohama S306 – Rm160 Klang

Barum Bravuris – RM 180 Tanjong Tyres Penang – 09.12.2006
Continental CC1 – RM 168 – Tek Ming Sunway – 09.12.2006
Dunlop D01 – Rm190 Damansara Utama
Falken 322 – RM 160 – Ban Hooi Klang Jalan Kapar – 09.12.2006
Falken Azenis ST 115 – RM 255 – Goh Swee Hin – Penang – 12.12.2006
Falken ST115 – RM 235 Hup Soon SS3 – 12.12.2006
Falken ST115 – Rm220 Sunway
Michelin XM1 – Rm 210 Temerloh
Michelin XM1 – Rm210 Hup Shun SS3 – Feb2005
Toyo Transas TEO – Rm215 Sunway
Yokohama dna DB ES501 – Rm225 Sunway
Yokohama ES501 – RM 260 Teong San Penang – 12.12.2006
Yokohama ES501 – Rm240 Sunway

BFGoodrich Sport TA – Rm210 EW (Michelin) Seremban 2
Goodyear NCT3 – Rm195 Lim Tayar (CKL), KL
Michelin XM1 – Rm245 Seremban, EW (Michelin) Seremban 2
Yokohama ASPEC dB – Rm300 Butterworth
Yokohama C.Drive – Rm235 Penang

Bridgestone GIII – Rm250 Sunway
Bridgestone MY-01 – Rm245 Tek Ming Sunway
Continental (FRANCE) – Rm320 Tek Ming Sunway
Goodyear Eagle F1 – Rm349 Tek Ming Sunway
Goodyear NCT 5 – Rm321 Tek Ming Sunway
Kumho KH18 – Rm188 Tek Ming Sunway
Toyo JAPAN proxes4 – Rm350 Tek Ming Sunway

Michelin XM1 – Rm265 – Tmn Tun, Petaling Jaya & EW (Michelin) Seremban 2

BFGoodrich Sport TA – Rm240 EW (Michelin) Seremban 2
Bridgestone GIII – Rm280 Shah Alam
Bridgestone GR80 – Rm270 Shah Alam
Bridgestone premio – Rm178
Continental CC1 – Rm198 Quick-Save
Michelin MXV8 (Japan) – Rm285 Hin Leong
Michelin MXV8 (Japan) – Rm290 Puchong
Michelin XM1 – RM235 (Hock Li)
Michelin XM1 – Rm265
Michelin XM1 – Rm285 Seremban
Sime Astar A300 – Rm145
Yokohama A Drive – Rm250
Yokohama DNA DB ES501 – Rm285 Sunway
Yokohama Prada – Rm215
Yokohama s306 – Rm215

Bridgestone DUELER HT 684 – Rm200 QuickSave USJ7

BFGoodrich g-Force Sport – Rm310 EW (Michelin) Seremban 2
Bridgestone MY-01 – Rm240 Tek Ming Sunway
Falken Ziex 326 – Rm250 Ban Hooi Klang
Goodyear Eagle F1 – Rm285 Tek Ming Sunway
Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 – Rm305 QuickSave USJ7
Goodyear NCT5 – Rm262 Tek Ming Sunway
Kumho 711 – Rm185 Tek Ming Sunway
Nankang NS1 – Rm205 QuickSave USJ7
Silverstone FTZ – Rm170 Tek Ming Sunway
Silverstone SSV – Rm156 Tek Ming Sunway
Sime Astar 300 – Rm152 Tek Ming Sunway
Toyo Proxies T-1R – Rm349 Tek Ming Sunway
Yokohama A-Drive – Rm225 Tek Ming Sunway
Yokohama ES100 – Rm325 Tek Ming Sunway

Bridgestone GR80 – Rm370 Kajang (Saujana Impian)
Bridgestone MY01 – Rm245 Tek Ming Sunway
Bridgestone MY01 – Rm270 Kajang (Saujana Impian)
Bridgestone Turanza GR-80 – Rm335 Ban Hooi Tayar,Jln Kapar,Klang
Conti CSC1 – Rm330 Tek Ming Sunway
Conti CSC1 – Rm340 Quick-Save
Conti CSC1 – Rm360 damansara
Conti CSC2 – Rm450 Quick-Save
Conti CSC2 – Rm530 PJ
Dunlop Formula D01 – RM240 -SLC(Bandar Perda), BM, Penang
Falken FK452 – Rm360 Klang
Goodyear F1 GSD3 (THAI) – Rm369 Tek Ming Sunway
Goodyear F1 GSD3 (THAI) – Rm370 QuickSave USJ7
Goodyear F1 GSD3 (THAI) – Rm380 Serdang
Goodyear NCT5 – Rm270 Quick-Save
Goodyear NCT5 – Rm321 Tek Ming Sunway
Goodyear NCT5 – Rm330 USJ18
HanKook V8 – RM275 (incl on wheel balance + alignment) Chevelot service
centre Sg Chua, Kajang
KUMHO – ECSTA Supra – Rm275 the shop next to chinese temple,Bandar Ampang
Kumho KH18 – Rm188 Tek Ming Sunway
Michelin MXV8 – Rm370 Kajang/Seremban (Sg. Chua)
Michelin MXV8 – RM380 Kee Hin, Old Klang Road (Nov06)
Michelin PP2 – RM400 Kee Hin Old Klang Road (Nov 06)
Michelin PP2 (Japan) – Rm400 EW (Michelin) Seremban 2
Pirelli P7 – Rm620 – Shah Alam
Sime A300 – Rm220 QuickSave USJ7
Toyo T1R – Rm360 Tek Ming Sunway
Toyo T1R – Rm370 Kajang
Yokohama R1 – RM275 – Yokohama Shop Belakong
Falken ST115 – Rm280 Sunway
Goodyear Eagle F1 – Rm292 Tek Ming Sunway
Goodyear F1 – Rm290 Klang
Kumho Escta 712 – Rm215 Tek Ming Sunway
Maxxis MA-Z1 Victra – Rm280 BM, Penang
Michellin Pilot Perceda 2 – Rm360 Klang
Toyo JAPAN T1-R – Rm346 Tek Ming Sunway
Yokohama A Drive – Rm250 Sunway
Yokohama A-Drive – Rm245 Tek Ming Sunway

Bridgestone Potenza G3 – Rm295 QuickSave USJ7
Bridgestone Potenza G3 – Rm280 Tek Ming Sunway
Continental Sport Contact – Rm245 Tek Ming Sunway
Goodyear Eagle F1 – Rm338 Tek Ming Sunway
Goodyear F1 GSD3 – Rm320 Quick-Save
Goodyear F1 GSD3 (Germany) – Rm330 QuickSave USJ7
Kumho 711 – Rm198 Tek Ming Sunway -Feb06
Nankang NS1 – Rm235 QuickSave USJ7
Silverstone Kruiser – Rm236 Tek Ming Sunway
Toyo JAPAN T1-R – Rm365 Tek Ming Sunway
Yokohama A-Drive – Rm257 Tek Ming Sunway

Goodyear F1 – Rm360 Quick-save
Hankook v8 RS Rm255 Tek Ming Sunway Nov06
Kumho Escta 711 – Rm228 Tek Ming Sunway
Toyo Proxes 4 – Rm420 Shah Alam

BFGoodrich Sport TA – Rm260 EW (Michelin) Seremban 2
Bridgestone ER60 – Rm220 Shah Alam

Michelin MXV8 – Rm420 EW (Michelin) Seremban 2

Continental ComfortContact – Rm440 Damansara Utama
Goodyear F1 GSD3 (THAI) – Rm430 QuickSave USJ7
Michelin MXV8 – Rm390 SS3
Michelin MXV8 – Rm450 PJ

Accelera Alpha – Rm200 H20 Klang
Astar A300 – Rm200 H20 Klang
BFGoodrich g-Sport Sport – Rm375 EW (Michelin) Seremban 2
Bridgestone My-01 – Rm285 Tek Ming Sunway
Bridgestone Potenza G3 – Rm368 Tek Ming Sunway
Bridgestone Potenza G3 – Rm400 ipoh
Brigestone MY-01 Rm350 nett(including bal, align and etc)
Continental CC1 – Rm285 H20 Klang
Continental SC – Rm295 Tek Ming Sunway
Dunlop SportMaxx – Rm388 Sunway
Falken FK452 – Eneos at 1-Utama More than RM600
Falken FK452 – Rm410 Klang
Falken ST115 – Rm380 Sunway
Goodyear Eagle F1 (Germany) – Rm486 Tek Ming Sunway
Goodyear Eagle F1 (Thailand) – Rm362 Tek Ming Sunway
Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 (THAI) – Rm375 QuickSave USJ7
Goodyear F1 Gsd3 – Rm375 Quick-Save
Goodyear F1 GSD3 – Rm388 Sunway
Hankook v8 RS Rm252 Tek Ming Sunway
Kumho Escta 711 – Rm228 Tek Ming Sunway
Michelin PP2 – Rm390 Sunway
Pirelli Dragon – Rm400 Selayang
Silverstone FTZ Sport Evol VIII – RM255 Leong Seng Tyre, Klang
Silverstone FTZ – Rm204 Tek Ming Sunway
Silverstone FTZ Sport – Rm200
Toyo T1-R – Rm380 Shah Alam
Yokohama ES100 – Rm280 Tek Ming Sunway

Goodyear LS2000 – RM370 Quick-Save
Goodyear F1 GSD3 – RM385 Quick-Save

Michelin MXV8 – Rm500 EW (Michelin) Seremban 2

225/50/16W (ZR)
Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 ( Germany) – Rm520 MPS Auto, Sunway
Toyo Proxes T1R (Japan) – Rm480 MPS Auto, Sunway

BFGoodrich g-Sport Sport – Rm400 EW (Michelin) Seremban 2
Falken RT-615 – Rm420 Sunway (offer-Limited)
Goodyear F1 GSD3 – Rm455 QuickSave USJ7
Goodyear F1 GSD3 (GER) – Rm550 QuickSave USJ7
Goodyear F1 GSD3 (THAI) – Rm470 QuickSave USJ7
Toyo T1R – Rm435 Tek Ming Sunway Nov06

For Second hand tyre price is usually more than 50% cheaper than the new tyre price range. It depends on how much thread (bunga) left for the tyre to be considered as safe to use. However it is adviseable to buy the new tyre instead of second hand because sometime the used tyre is actually the rescratch or repatch version which will not lasts longer. Better change to new one straight away for another 2 to 4 years. I hope this new tyre price lists will help most of us in buying new tyre.

Please contribute tu update this list for future reference together. =)

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20 Responses

  1. sham trg says:

    tq, maklumat yg cukup bguna. Jadilah pengguna yang bijak.

  2. khairul says:

    memang maklumat yabng berguna… tapi info nama kedai… alamat atau pun no fon sertakan laa sekali… kan semua orang bole cari dgn lebih mudah….

  3. khairul says:


    Hankook v8 RS Rm252 Tek Ming Sunway
    Silverstone FTZ Sport – Rm200
    Toyo T1-R – Rm380 Shah Alam >>>>>>>>>———–>>>>>>>> kat mana lokasi kedai ni bro… ada kontek no tak….???
    Yokohama ES100 – Rm280 Tek Ming Sunway

  4. azameel says:

    entry ni jumpe dari internet, ni just compilation.
    so tade contact dan location,alamat, unless original author tulis
    ni just guide bukan harge semasa,
    so jgn expect harge 100% akan same dgn yg kedai
    mungkin sama,lg murah atau lg mahal

  5. Philipp says:

    Naza Ria 2005 OEM Silverstone Kruizer tire size 215/65R16 but owner’s manual is 215/60R16. Naza Ipoh SC don’t know which is “correct size”.
    New tire prices do not have much info on tires and best prices for tires of both these sizes.
    Appreciate feedback on best MPV tires for malaysian roads with thunder/rain storms.

  6. sathgunalan says:

    harga tayar goodyear model p195/70/r14 atau gt3 tayar.dan saya nak jual kanchil tahun 2001 satu owner.850auto,silver colour.harga rm 14,500.00 tq

  7. Boleh berikan tayar yg sesuai dgn Honda Stream rim 17 ” eg.205/45/R17 @ 215 /50/R17

    ori 205/65/R15.Kalau boleh price sekali dgn jenama

  8. Abdul Shamsi Dawood says:

    ada sesiapa yg boleh tolong dapatkan detail nama syarikat jual tayar celup di Malaysia. Saya berminat nak membawa masuk tayar celup ke Senegal, Afrika Bara. Saya sekarang ni tinggal di Senegal kerana mengikut isteri bertugas di sini.

  9. Yussri Ipoh says:

    Website ni sesuai untuk orang KL je, Takkan takde untuk orang Ipoh !!!

  10. shuk says:

    anyone have info on size 18?

  11. Squall22 says:

    Thanx KDI! Helps a lot

  12. Anon says:

    utk kancil lama, ape ye standard saiznye?

  13. Anon says:

    duraplus xde pricelist kah?

  14. edyes says:


    I just nak tanya, antara rims 16 dan 17, mana yang lebih sesuai untuk kereta waja?
    ada yang kata, tayar rim 17 lagi banyak dan lagi murah dari 16.

    kalau boleh saya nak guna rim 16 instead of 17, cuma nak tau komposisi terbaik untuk rim 16. is it 205/55/17 atau 205/45/16 ?

    tolonglah suggest pada saya. tayar yang baik dan tak mahal sangat.

  15. edyes says:

    Saya dah beli rim baru kat Rawang 2 hari lepas.

    pasal rim saya puas hati, tapi yang hati tak puas ialah saya espect tayar yang elok skit sekurang2nya silverstone evol8. Tapi saya dapat tayar wanli(sunny) sahaja.

    ok ke tayar sunny-wanli nie? ada komen?

  16. dadapeer says:

    sir I need 5 nos toyo tyres of profile 195/45/r14 tyres shipping address Bangalore india inform each tyre price and expenditures for shipping thanking you

  17. roy says:

    may i have a price for 245/40 18″
    am a bmw drivers. i would like to know brand of michelin.
    and d cheapest price of others xxx brand

  18. arun says:

    tak ada kedai di kuantan ke bro!!

  19. omar says:

    any good offer for one pair new continental contisports contact 5 or 5P (rear axle) size 255/35 ZR18 94Y FR MO

  20. ezwan says:

    Jika ada qoutation pelbagai jenis dan saiz untuk 2015 pls wassap saya 01112480968 urgent atau call 0122627407 t.q

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