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car maintenance service

Cars are like electric lights. We often don’t appreciate them until they go on the blink. Regular maintenance or scheduled services and car care checks can greatly reduce the cost of car ownership and keep you a much happier traveler!

Don’t let the thought of car maintenance intimidate you. There are actually several car maintenance tips you can do – even if you’re totally mechanically-challenged!


For instance, you’ll want to keep your windshield washer fluid reservoir full. This involves screwing off the cap and pouring windshield wiper fluid in the right spot. You can quickly check the fluid levels when filling up at the gas station.

(Malay : Pastikan bekas takungan air pencuci cermin dan wiper penuh)

While you’ve got the windshield washer fluid out, pour some on a rag and clean the bug guts, etc. off the wiper blades.

If you see any colored fluid leaking from your car, get it serviced immediately.

(Malay : Hantar untuk selenggara jika ada cecair berwarna bocor dari kereta anda)

If you smell any peculiar odor coming from your car, take it to the nearest service station. Odors mean something inappropriate is going on under the hood of your car!

(Malay : Beri perhatian pada bau yang pelik dari enjin anda. Jika berlaku, baiki di kedai kereta berhampiran)

wiper blade

Change your wiper blade if it cannot wipe your windshield cleanly and clearly. It shows that it has failed in term of its shape. This will help you in better view in rain and night. It is adviceable to change it to the synthetic / silicon wiper instead of the rubber because it lasts longer time.

(Malay : Tukar wiper jika tidak lagi boleh mengelap dengan baik. Ini membantu anda melihat dengan jelas pada waktu hujan dan malam. Amat digalakkan tukar wiper sintetik / silikon walaupun mahal tapi tahan lama. Alah membeli menang memakai.)

Be sure all your lights are clean and working, including brake lights, turn signals and emergency flashers. You can perform this quick check while filling up your gas tank.

(Malay : Pastikan semua lampu berfungsi dengan baik dan permukaan nya bersih)

tire service punctured

Check your tires once a month – give a look over for cuts, bulges, or nails or other foreign objects sticking out and the thiskness of your tires is still within limit. Charge air into it once a month.

(Malay : Periksa tayar anda sebulan sekali – cara periksa : lihat jika ada paku atau benda tajam serta ketebalan tayar anda masih dalam had. Pam tayar anda sebulan sekali untuk elakkan kekurangan angin)

shell helix engine oil

Every three months have your oil and oil filter changed. Many times an inspection is done during the oil change. It’s worth it to pay a little extra if you have to and have this done. Ask to have your battery checked, too.

(Malay : Tukar minyak hitam dan penapis minyak 3 bulan sekali. Periksa air bateri juga)

No matter how non-car savvy you may have felt in the past, finding that you can do some simple maintenance checks puts you in the driver’s seat. You’re likely to discover in advance if your car has a problem that should be taken care of immediately.

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