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rubber spring height car getah sport rim tayar sangkut 4 500x400

Fitting a bigger sport rim is a very nice modification on a car but there are some problems that you may consider before changing to bigger rims. Usually sport rims upgrade is between 1″ to 2″ radius of original rims. The problems comes when you add more than 2″.

But actually it is highly dependant to the width of the sport rim. Rasionally if you add bigger size usually the width will also increase. The wider width will cause your tyres hitting the body of your car or fender area. This is where “tayar sangkut” phenomena happen.


Some people suggest to knock the body and some people suggest to use sport spring which is hard and stiff. To retain the suspension and protect your car body and tyres, you can use a special rubber layer (getah pelapik tambah tinggi) to increase the height of your car so that your tyres did not hit the body of your car when bumping. If not, your tyres will hit the body and without you realize, it will rub the side of your tyres like picture above. This is very dangerous as it will reduce the thickness of your tyres.


rubber spring height car getah sport rim tayar sangkut 500x400

Above picture is the original thin layer of rubber and on the right is the replacement of the rubber to be fitted under the spring to increase your car’s height. The one shown is 2″ higher than normal or original rubber. Adding another 1″ is enough for your car because 2″ is quite high.

fitting bigger sport rims problem tyres hit touch body tayar sangkut guna rim besar 299x499

The price of the rubber to increase height of your car (harga getah tambah tinggi) is around RM15 per piece. The workshop mechanich will charge RM15/tyres to change the rubber. You can do it your self if you want.

About the rubber, don’t confuse with spring buffer which is also attached to the spring but at the center to increase stability of spring and prolonged the life of spring. The correct one to use to increase height is the special rubber fitted under the spring.

How to change the rubber and increase height of car?

rubber spring height car getah sport rim tayar sangkut 3 500x400

Above picture is where the spring is located. To take out the spring, just jack your car, remove the bolt that attached between absorber and the lower spring holder attachment and remove the spring.

rubber spring height car getah sport rim tayar sangkut 1 500x400

This is the picture after the spring has been removed. The “bowl” shape is where the rubber located which is under the spring like below picture.

rubber spring height car getah sport rim tayar sangkut 2 500x400

To change the rubber, you must estimate the exact amount of height that you want to increase so that your tyre have enough clearance. If you don’t have any hint, just look at the damage like the first picture and measure how much you need to increase it.

After installing the rubber to increase the height of your car, you must adjust the camber of your tyre. Hope this simple tips helps.

Any experience increasing car height / cara nak tinggikan kereta? Share here.



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11 Responses

  1. Niemans says:

    I think there is no correlation between installing a bigger rim and the need to heighten your car by using a rubber cushion. By increasing the car height unnecessarily; we are actually compromising the car’s handing and safety. Maybe this is a new usage discovered?

    The rubber cushion normally is used to supplement the spring and damper so that better damping performance is achieved, less noice, prolong shocks lifespan, shorten braking distance. It is considered as a cheaper complimentary alternative. It is never given consideration to highten a car.

    For performance junkies they will no doubt go for a better performance spring set up or shocks that c/w soft hard & high-low adjustment to compliment their sports rim/look. And this will always achieve, without the need to put in a rubber cushion. Nowadays people are more well informed and sensible about the requirement for sports rim size against their car set up.

  2. kdi says:

    This is just another solution for those having problems to fit bigger sport rim, don’t want to change suspension system and want to have higher ride.

    Rubber layer / cushion (getah pelapik) not to be confused with coil spring buffer (info here : http://kereta.info/coil-spring-buffer-to-increase-spring-lifespan-improve-handling/ )

    spring buffer is fitted along the spring while this rubber layer is fitted under the spring mainly to increase height of your car.

  3. ah chong says:

    dont think rubber layer can solve the problem, make sure check rim offset first before buy
    believe me u guys wont regret.

  4. pzul says:

    just wondering ade ke getah pelapik ni untuk spring depan?

  5. Norman says:

    Inilah yang kwn gua recommend.Gua baru tukar sport rims 15×6.5 tayar 195/50 ori rims dulu 14×5.5 tayar 185/60untuk Saga BLM,Dah bikin balancing dan alignment.Camper blakang ade kendur sikit dia ckp tayar blakang cepat haus dari depan.Recomment pakai spring cushion taruk blakang supaya tak kena fender bila bwk full load,Betul ke?Tuhari mak dan org gaji gua duduk blakang dengan bonet penuh so far ok jer tapi kalau tambah lagi satu org tak tahu plak,ade sesiape boleh nasihat tak sebelum gua tuka absorber blakang yang mantap.Lancer 1.6 rear absorber boleh masuk Saga BLM tak?

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